Test... in And So It Goes....

  • April 7, 2021, 4:53 a.m.
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This morning, I have to be up at WMC by 8am for an echocardiogram. I tried to go to sleep early, but as soon as I went to bed, the neighbor to the right of me, whom is being evicted chose to move out more of her possessions. It would seem as if she is avoiding me, as she is in the process of vacating, yet she only prepares for her departure when I am in my apartment. Yesterday morning, I did run into her. She and her friend were carrying cardboard boxes to her apartment. She saw me, and slammed her apartment door shut in a very loud way. I was a very, very good friend to her, but she did a complete 96 when I called 911, due to smelling a strong gas odor, outside of her apartment. She was not home at that time, but her two cats were. Ever since then, she refers to me as “the snitch”. A lot of my long-time readers on this site, are fully aware of how many times I have tried to make friends in this building, only to have the so-called friendship blow up in my face. I cannot do this anymore. My nerves are shot. I will be friendly, polite, courteous and helpful toward the other tenants in the building, but I refuse, REFUSE to get overly involved with anyone in here, ever, ever again.

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