He abides in Morning Stream

  • April 4, 2021, 12:10 p.m.
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I decide to get back into writing again. Again, I had stopped and drifted away and then felt like there was something missing. It’s the mind dump, the daily abandonment of figments and fragments, the creative musings of a gargoyle high on the tower of the building, seeing everything in this corner of the world.
It’s been a while. Birthdays have happened, phone calls made. The goat rodeo took me to Denver for a big show and Smiling Jack Chance showed up with some mind benders that helped through the never ending pandemic, the winter of my discontent, the extreme laziness of apathetic thought and the dulled anticipation of an early spring. Good old Jack arrived, smiling like he does at all the best moments. He’s bad for me, I know, but so is my diet, lifestyle and my notions, aspirations and ruminations.
It’s work, work, work that is getting many of us through.
But I’ve made enough money this year already. I made my target, low as it is, easy to reach, that was the idea, just top out the funds, semi-retire, slowly become unreliable, untenable, unconnected to the realm.
I drift but I’m still tethered. We need a big storm to break the line.
I don’t think there is a storm big enough.
I put a call out to friends with websites. Can anyone help? I have to update the theme. I have to update the wordpress. These sites are being held together with bits of old string, scotch tape and peanut butter. The call is answered. A gift card is mailed. Another item is stroked off the lingering list.
I get up with the sun and ask Smiling Jack Chance if he has a little something to make my coffee a little more bitter, to smooth out the day. He abides.

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