8 - The Truth is Out in Angel Eyes

  • April 1, 2021, 8:45 p.m.
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I was surprised to find Rosemary asleep when I came in that night.

She stirred and sat up, awakened by the sound of me coming in, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep so early.”

“It’s ok,” I smiled. “Go back to bed and I’ll be over to join you in a minute.”

“Oh, good,” Rosemary said before falling back to sleep.

She was breathing steadily by the time I washed up, stripped and slid into bed next to her. I gathered her gently in my arms and together we slept until I awoke the next morning. Affectionately, I studied Rosemary’s sleeping form for a few minutes, then quietly rose to begin the day. I slipped into my robe and headed for the bathroom. After having coffee and toast, I dressed in sweatpants and a sports bra, opened the blinds and headed outside with a book.

Not long afterward, a white pickup pulled up and out stepped Melanie. The two of us spoke for nearly an hour before she left and I went back inside.

Rosemary was now sitting up in bed rubbing her eyes.

“Hey there, Angel Eyes.”

“Hey,” Rosemary said. “Your friend stopped by. She’s crazy, you know.”

“Yes, I know. She told me.”

“That she’s crazy?”

I threw my head back and laughed. “No, that she stopped by. She said to say she’s sorry for coming on so strong.”

“It’s ok.”

“Melanie’s harmless. She and Jenna may stop by later.”

Once Rosemary was up, she dressed in shorts and a Mickey Mouse sports bra.

“Oh, what a cute little top,” I told her.

“Yeah, sports bras are the best. Once they hit the scene I quit wearing regular bras.”

“They don’t slip off the shoulders and are more comfortable, aren’t they?”

Rosemary nodded. “And they’re both under and outerwear.”

“I got a couple different scratch tickets on my way home from work last night and saved them both for you to pick one out to scratch if you’re interested.”

“Let me see the tickets.”

“They’re over on the desk.”

Rosemary walked up to the desk and placed a hand on each ticket. “This one’s a loser,” she said, “and this one’s a winner. So I’ll do the winning one and you do the loser.”

“Ok,” I said with a chuckle. I wasn’t laughing for long, though, for I quickly became both surprised and impressed when I found that Rosemary was right. Her ticket had won $20 and mine hadn’t won anything.

For a while, Rosemary played with the rats until they were ready to return to bed for the remainder of the day. I seemed to really find delight in Rosemary’s playful laughter as she rolled around on the floor as a little girl would when playing with her puppy.

As usual, I hid on the bed the whole time. I was laughing hysterically when Rosemary got out a large plastic exercise ball and blew it up so that the rat could walk on it like a little circus performer himself.

When the washer and dryer were delivered and set up, Rosemary did a load of both our clothes.

At one point I was sitting at the computer with a fan going behind me when all of a sudden, soap bubbles came flying around the sides of me. I glanced behind me quickly, then grinned when I saw Rosemary holding a bubble wand in front of the fan.

We laughed.

“The rats like to chase the bubbles. Remind me to show you sometime,” Rosemary said.

After a few hours of computer lessons and laughter, Melanie’s white pickup returned. A short blond-haired girl who couldn’t have been more than a few inches taller than Rosemary emerged from the passenger side. She was almost plain-looking with dull gray eyes and short, thin blond hair. Melanie followed her to the door. Both were wearing shorts and tank tops and looked like a typical lesbian couple as did Rosemary and I, with one being shorter and more feminine while the other was taller and more masculine.

I let them in while Rosemary was in the bathroom. We began making small talk till Rosemary emerged from the bathroom and walked up to the three of us, at which time Jenna quickly glanced at Melanie disapprovingly and said, “You didn’t tell me she was gorgeous.”

Rosemary looked at Melanie, and, mimicking Jenna’s voice said, “You didn’t tell me she was a rude bitch.”

“Hey, you two,” I said with both reprimand and warning.

“Really now!” exclaimed Melanie. Turning to Jenna she said, “She’s Kay’s girl. What’s her appearance have to do with us?”

Jenna shrugged, looking downwards, then softly said. “I’m sorry.”

Melanie then turned to Rosemary. “And you keep a lid on that temper, you hear?”

Although Melanie and I smiled to try to lighten the mood, Rosemary scowled nonetheless, then went outside. Not long afterward, Jenna got bored with our cop talk and went outside as well.

“Uh-oh,” I said, watching as Jenna slowly and cautiously approached Rosemary who seemed to be picking and peeling blades of grass.

“Oh, let ‘em duke their battles out themselves,” said Melanie, dismissing the situation with a wave of her hand.

“Uh-uh,” I said, “Rosemary could hurt her.”

“Well, maybe that’s just what Jenna needs to teach her to keep her mouth shut.”

“Melanie!” I exclaimed with shock, heading out to where Rosemary and Jenna stood. “Rosemary and Jenna, what’s going on?” I shouted.

They insisted everything was ok and came into the building.

“You guys gonna get along now?” Melanie asked.

Rosemary and Jenna nodded.

“Want to see the rats?” Rosemary asked.

“No!” Jenna insisted, drawing amused smiles from Melanie and I.

After a while, Rosemary and Jenna began to make small talk at the “kitchen table” while Melanie and I sat on the couch having our own discussion. Every so often we’d pause to hear what they were saying which was often things we found to be rather amusing.

“How long did it take you to grow your hair?” asked Jenna.

“Not long, but I’m cutting it soon. Been getting headaches.”

“How short will you cut it? Like Melanie and Kay’s?”

“God no,” Rosemary snorted. “Not that short.”

We did our best to suppress our giggles.

“Shoulder-length looks good on them, but it isn’t for me,” Rosemary continued.

After a while longer, Melanie and I rose to go inspect something on her truck.

“You treat my lady with respect,” Melanie told Rosemary on the way out.

“I’m not doing anything!” Rosemary cried defensively.

“We’re cool,” Jenna assured her.

“Ok, then. Keep it cool,” Melanie said with a smile as we headed out.

“So, does Kay treat you well?” Jenna asked once Melanie and I were outside.

“Yeah, why?” asked Rosemary with a mixture of suspicion and curiosity.

“She has a reputation for being cool, but a lot of people also find her rather intimidating as well because she also has a bit of a rep for being a bitch. I know she recently roughed up an inmate as well as her exes.”

“Lovely,” Rosemary said sarcastically. “Now someone tells me.”

“Doesn’t mean she’ll hurt you. She seems really fond of you from what I’ve seen and heard. I don’t think she’s ever been this way with anyone else.”

“Well, we’re not exactly a couple anyway, though I wish we were,” Rosemary said as she rose to put some soft music on.

Jenna soon followed and the two gazed up at our pictures. It wasn’t long before Rosemary focused in on one directly next to mine. “Melanie,” she said pointing to it.

Jenna followed where she was pointing. “It does sort of look like her, but I don’t see how it could be. These are obviously celebrity photos of some kind.”

“She showed me a picture of herself that looked a lot like this one.”

“Nah,” Jenna said. “I think she was just playing with you. She’s a joker.”

Rosemary eyed Jenna skeptically a moment as well as with confusion before Melanie and I reentered the building.

“How we doing?” I asked.

“I beat her black and blue and covered her bruises with makeup,” Rosemary said, getting a laugh out of everyone.

“Hey, I want to see you do some acrobatic work,” I said with anticipation.

Melanie glanced at Rosemary. “Wanna try it?”

“Sure,” said Rosemary. “Let me change out of these shorts first.”

Rosemary grabbed some clothing and went into the bathroom to change. A few minutes later, she emerged with her hair up in a bun and blue spandex pants that ended a few inches above her knees. Then she and Melanie discussed the moves they’d do, using many terms which were foreign to Jenna and I. Melanie then peeled off her T-shirt. She wore a black sports bra like mine. She had vivid muscle definition and a shape similar to mine as well.

“Ready?” asked Melanie.

Rosemary nodded, taking position in front of Melanie with her back towards her. Melanie lifted Rosemary straight up and into a handstand directly over her head. Then she lowered Rosemary who then placed her head upon hers. She straightened out her body, forming the perfect headstand as the two spread their arms out directly towards the sides.

“Wow!” exclaimed both myself and Jenna in delight, just as Janet and James pulled up and entered the building. They stood still, eyes focused on Rosemary and Melanie.

Melanie then took hold of Rosemary’s hands with hers and slowly pushed her back up into a handstand. After a few seconds, Rosemary’s weight shifted towards the right as she pulled her left hand from Melanie’s and placed it near her side. Now she was standing on one arm.

Squeals of delight erupted from their onlookers.

Rosemary now bent her elbows, lowering her body, then she bent at the waist. Just as Melanie’s other hand came back up, she twisted down into the scissor splits. Then she slowly turned her body so she was doing the splits with her legs out to the sides of her, took hold of Melanie’s forearms, and tumbled down to the floor as if dismounting from the parallel bars.

Everyone applauded with awe and delight as soon as Rosemary’s feet touched the ground, though Jenna’s look of pleasure soon turned to that of envy.

Melanie breathed heavily. “Gosh, I’m out of shape! I’m not used to lifting a ninety to a hundred pound body these days.”

“A hundred and ten,” Rosemary corrected. The others, excluding Jenna, erupted in laughter.

Not long afterward, Melanie and Jenna left, leaving Janet and James to ask how things were going.

“Good,” I said with a smile.

“Is that so?” Janet asked Rosemary.

Rosemary nodded. “I want to go outside and get some air.”

The others laughed at Rosemary’s sudden change of subject.

“Ok,” I said. “Don’t get lost out there.”

“Yeah, right,” said Rosemary as if what I said was silly.

The others laughed again.

Once Rosemary was gone, James said, “So she keeping you on your toes?”

“Oh yeah,” I said with a grin. “She’s quite a handful and a challenge, but a good one nonetheless.”

“Like one big grown-up child just like they say, huh?” asked Janet.

“Yeah, she’s got an endless supply of energy, gets into everything and of course, a simple trip to the store is quite an adventure.”

“Especially if it’s a store with things she likes in it, no doubt,” said Janet.

“Yeah,” I said chuckling. Then my expression turned more serious. “But she’s also not some of the things she’s said to be. Yes, she’s aggressive, yes she’s hyperactive, but to say she’s without compassion and unable to feel other people’s pain is absurd.”

“Well, that’s good then,” said Janet.

“She’s got many wonderful qualities,” I continued. “She’s smart, she’s got a great sense of humor, she’s talented, and basically she’s just a joy to have around.”

“So you’re never bored with her, I take it,” said James.

“Not one bit,” I said with a smile and a shake of my head for emphasis. “Not even close. As for the mean streak, I think she’ll calm down in time. I can’t help undo twenty-six year’s worth of damage and bad programming in just a few days, though.”

“Yeah, I suppose it’ll take time,” James pointed out.

“Pretty, ain’t she?” Janet asked teasingly, getting a laugh out of James.

“Ok, you two. You don’t have to rub it in. I already told you that you were right on that one.”

We laughed and chatted a while longer about other things. I was sitting on the couch next to Janet who sat on my right with James in the chair when Rosemary came in and sat down on my left side, leaning her head on my shoulder affectionately.

“Aw,” Janet said.

I put an arm around Rosemary and smiled lovingly at her.

After Janet and James left, Rosemary asked if anyone else were coming over.

“Nope. It’s just you and me for the rest of the day,” I said, patting her head playfully. “The sergeant assured me I could have the entire day off today.”

“Good. Now you can explain to me what Melanie meant when she said that you would explain it to me – something about a picture that I guess is of her – and what Jenna meant when she said you roughed your exes up. Did you assault them?”

“No, I didn’t assault them. If I had, I’d be in jail.”

“Yeah, right. Cops don’t go to jail, or haven’t you noticed?”

“No, they do. They do,” I insisted. “Anyway, if you want to know what happened, I’ll tell you. I never laid a hand on the first one. The last one struck out at me and I swung back reflexively. Yes, it was a little harder than I intended, but the only time I ever hit any of them.”

“What happened to her?”

“She fell down, got back up and left.”

“Why didn’t you hit me back when I swung at you?”

I chose my words carefully. “I guess because for one, I was sort of expecting it and I understood the circumstances surrounding the situation, and also, you mean a lot more to me than anyone else and are very special to me.”

“But you don’t know me very well.”

“Actually,” I said, “I do. I’ll explain that one next. It’s tied in with what Melanie was saying.”

“Before you do,” said Rosemary, “did you get in trouble on the job?”

“Yeah, I got reprimanded once.”


“I pulled a disobedient inmate up off the floor by the hair.”

We were silent a moment, then Rosemary said, “So tell me about what Melanie said you’d tell me.”

“Ok,” I said, “but I have to warn you.”

“About what?”

“Well, it’s quite a story.”

“I’ve heard quite a story before. I think I can handle it.”

I grinned. “Ok, let’s make ourselves comfy on the couch.” I sat down and pulled Rosemary down next to me, close to my side. I put an arm around her and said, “Promise me you’ll try to keep an open mind?”

Rosemary nodded.

“When you asked me to tell you about myself,” I continued, “the only reason I was hesitant is that the memories I have of growing up and of my family and all that are false.” I reached down to place one hand behind Rosemary’s knees, and, with the other one around her back, I pulled her up onto my lap and hugged her tightly. When I released her, her back rested against the side of the couch. “You comfy?”

Rosemary nodded. “What do you mean by false memories? Did something tragic happen to you that blocked out the real memories?”

“Oh no, not at all,” I said with a smile. “They’re just memories that God programmed into me to use to tell others when necessary because I don’t have a real past in which to speak of.”

Rosemary frowned. “What the hell does that mean?”

“You see, when you were a child, you were given a very special ability.”

“What ability?”

“The ability to communicate with photographs.”

Rosemary stiffened. “That’s crazy.”

“Hey, you said you’d keep an open mind now, so hear me out. If you can believe in psychics, you can believe in this. It’s only another realm of the supernatural, after all,” I said.

“But you yourself don’t even believe in psychics,” Rosemary pointed out.

“I think you’ve convinced me they’re for real.”

“How convenient. I mean, that you’re suddenly convinced.”

“It’s true,” I insisted. “This is no joke. Let me try to explain it better.”

But before I could get the chance, Rosemary asked, “How do you know if I was given this ability and why would I be given it in the first place?”

I looked thoughtful a moment, then said, “You were probably given it as a coping mechanism to help get you through the rough childhood you had.”

Rosemary simply stared at me.

“Sweetie, look at me. Don’t you recognize me?”

Rosemary shook her head. “Melanie made like I should’ve known her, too. How come?”

I hesitated a moment, then said, “Because we were one of the many pictures you communicated with before we were assigned real lives in real bodies.”

Rosemary continued to stare warily at me. Even I thought it sounded crazy as true as I knew it was. “You’re insane,” she finally concluded and struggled to break free of my arms. “Completely insane.”

“Oh, please,” I begged, squeezing Rosemary tighter, “please try and understand, Rosemary.”

Rosemary stilled once more. “Understand what? That you’re a flat-out lunatic?”

“Rosemary, it’s true. It really is.”

Rosemary studied my serious expression. “Who else knows of this bullshit?”

“Just Janet and James. They were called upon by God and given the story behind our origin because God knew that they were very open-minded and that they could be trusted to help guide us into the mainstream of life. Once Melanie and I established real life in the form of flesh and blood, the first thing we did was try to find you. It took us a couple years, though, because of the way you were moving around a lot. Come on, let’s get up.”

“Gladly,” Rosemary said. “You sound like a typical southwestern religious fanatic.”

I grinned and said, “This has nothing to do with religion, Angel Eyes. Come look at these pictures with me.” I motioned for Rosemary to follow me closer to where my picture stood, along with the others.

Although it was quite reluctantly, she followed.

“Which one do you think is me? I don’t look exactly like I do here in the picture, which became altered in appearance when you used your powers to individualize it.”

“To what?” Rosemary asked, very confused.

“Just check it out.”

“Wait,” she said. “How come you waited this long to tell me this story?”

“Because I wanted to see if you’d remember on your own without my influencing your memory and possibly causing you to remember things that are false.”

“Yeah? And what if you one day have to return to these so-called pictures and be a picture again?” Rosemary joked, still disbelieving me.

“I won’t,” I answered anyway.

“How do you know that?”

“I just do. I’ve got guaranteed life for as long as I’m destined to live which could be anywhere from until right now to when I’m around a hundred years old just like anybody else.”

Rosemary stood with her arms folded across her chest as she glanced back and forth between me and the group of pictures. She shook her head doubtfully. “How long have you been supposedly living as a person?”

“Almost a few years. I last saw you when you were twenty. You simply up and decided you didn’t want us around anymore and you dumped us in the trash. Our spirits more or less laid dormant for the years in between then and now.”

“And you learned to walk, talk, write and all that shit in just a few years?” Rosemary asked incredulously.

“No, I was preprogrammed, you could say, with essential day-to-day knowledge.”

“Oh, I see,” Rosemary said sarcastically. “That’s convenient.”

“Look at the pictures and see if you can get a sense of which one is me.”

Rosemary studied them a moment, then said, “They all look the same, Katie, or at least pretty damn close.”

I pointed to the picture that was me. “Who’s that?” I asked.

Rosemary scrutinized my photo. “Just a dark-haired, dark-eyed woman that sort of resembles you.”

“Nothing about these pictures comes to memory?” I asked Rosemary.

She shook her head. “What did you mean when you said I communicated with them?”

“You had conversations with them - with us - just as you and I are right now.”

Rosemary rolled her eyes and started to walk away.

“Rosemary, please listen to me,” I begged again.

“I suppose next you’re going to tell me that my whole life was a joke too, that my memories are fake, and that I’m some sort of alien from a faraway galaxy that no one’s ever heard of,” Rosemary said, turning back to face me once again.

“No, babe, I’m not.”

“So I would just talk to them as if they were people?”

I nodded.

“And they could hear and understand me?”

I nodded again.

Rosemary burst out laughing.

I could see that for the first time I was not pleased by her laughter by the serious look in which I held.

“Can they see and hear us now?”

“I don’t know,” I said softly, not changing expressions.

Again Rosemary laughed. “This may be a good story idea for my next book. You really believe this shit, don’t you?”

“I believe it because I know for a fact that it’s true. Now I understand that most people would find it insane, but I assure you, Rosemary, everything I’m saying really is a hundred percent true. If I were joking, don’t you think I’d be laughing right along with you by now?”

Rosemary’s gaze once again went back and forth between me and the pictures. Now she seemed uncertain as far as what to believe.

“Why don’t we do this,” I said. “I gave you the information and let you know the scoop. From here on out you don’t have to believe it if you choose not to because it really doesn’t matter. The past is done and over with and what’s going on today has nothing to do with the past. Just take your time to absorb and digest the information and try to have an open mind if you can, ok? That’s all I ask at this point.”

“Yeah, ok,” Rosemary mumbled. “I can do that much, though I still say it’s crazy. I mean, how could a picture possess the ability to hear, see, think, talk and understand?”

“It wasn’t the pictures themselves that did this. It was the spirit that possessed the pictures. The pictures were simply a grounding point, a channel, a place to work from. And a good way, in your case, to get your attention. You loved the pictures of whoever the celebrities were. What better way to grab a child’s attention than by using something they see or use all the time?”

“So it’d be just like me standing completely still and unable to move, while I could still see and hear everything going on around me?”

“Pretty much,” I said.

“Can they taste, smell or feel?”

“When I was a picture, I don’t remember having any of those senses, no. At least not in the same sense humans do.”

“Where are rest of them?”

“The rest of them?”

“Yeah, I’ve only met you and Melanie who claim to be picture-people.”

I chuckled at that label.

“Where did all the other spirits in all the other pictures go?”

“I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers, sweetheart. They could’ve also been assigned new roles as people elsewhere, or maybe they’re meant to forever be pictures. Maybe their spirits are dormant. I haven’t got a clue as to what’s going on with any of them other than with Melanie and I.”

“Were you moved or split?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, brows furrowing.

“I mean, was your spirit moved from the picture to the body, or was it divvied up between the two? You know, like the difference I taught you between copying and pasting versus cutting and pasting on the computer.”

I looked thoughtful a moment then said, “You know, that’s a very good question. I’m not sure.”

“And where did your body come from, not that it isn’t a hot one indeed?” asked Rosemary, bringing a smile to my face.

“It more or less just materialized. I’m not a reincarnation if that’s what you mean.”

“Well, you materialized damn fine if what you’re saying has any truth to it.”

“Thanks,” I laughed.

“How old was I when we were supposed to be having these odd conversations?”

“You were about ten when we first met, and I last saw you in picture form when you were twenty.”

“Did I have you framed on a wall or a table?”

“No, for the most part, we were either in scrapbooks or taped to a wall somewhere. Usually taped to a wall.”

“So that means you would have seen my friends and family.”

I nodded. “I did.”

“Ten to twenty, that would put you with me in Brattleboro and Valleyhead.”

“Yes, I know. I was there throughout it all,” I said both dubiously and sympathetically.

“So you would know the hell I went through,” Rosemary said in a flat voice.

“Yes, I would.”

“You knew I jumped before I mentioned it.”

“Knew it, I was there. It was quite a terrifying experience even for us, I can assure you,” I said in a soft sad voice. “I was on the wall in the room you jumped from.”

“So are you surprised with how I turned out?” Rosemary asked.

“Yes, and no, but mostly yes.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, you’re pretty intelligent, not that you were necessarily dumb or anything back then. You’ve also turned out to be quite a beauty. Janet warned me too, insisting I’d be attracted to you.”

“And what did you say?” Rosemary asked.

“Actually, I just laughed. I just couldn’t picture you turning out this way. I last saw you as a cute chubby kid and so I said, Rosemary? Nah, that’s not possible. Yet there’s no denying it; you’re a beautiful lady and I am very much attracted to you.”

“I’m sure they said I’d be attracted to you, too.”

“They said you might be.”

“I think I more than might be.”

I smiled, then asked, “Do you mind my asking what you do remember about your past? You know, the life you lived here in the east, particularly as a child?”

“Too much,” Rosemary answered, rolling her eyes.


Rosemary nodded. “I remember most of it.”

I studied Rosemary intently. I seemed hesitant to pursue the subject or at least unsure of how to do so. Finally, I asked, “Do you remember the cellar you used to hang out in when you were living with your parents?”

Again Rosemary nodded. “I suppose you’re going to tell me you were there on the wall, huh?”

“I was, Rosemary,” I said matter of factly.

“Tell me about it then. Describe it.”

I took a deep breath and began to describe the room I had come to know so well. “Well, I really only remember the cellar in the second house. In the first house, when you weren’t dragging me off into your little hideaway in the woods,” I said with a smile, “you had me in a bedroom across from yours. You had your stereo in this room along with a yellow desk with a bookcase on top of it.”

Rosemary’s eyes widened as she listened with interest.

“In the other house, I remember you to mainly hang out on one side of the cellar. I believe it was the side closest to the street.”

Rosemary focused on me intently, then appeared thoughtful. “Anyone could’ve supplied you with this information, but go on.”

“The cellar had a dark red floor. You used to rock to your little stereo on a colorful throw rug.”

I could see Rosemary’s shock growing.

“Anyway,” I said, continuing on, “the brick walls were painted white. There were two small casement windows set high in one wall that was within my range of vision. They were right over the brown wooden entertainment center of sorts you kept your stereo on. There was also a gray couch that opened into a bed.”

I stopped talking and a heavy silence filled the room. It was easy to see that while Rosemary was unsure of what to believe, she was impressed with my description.

“Ok, officer Hawkins,” said Rosemary, “Enough crazy talk for now. What do you want for dinner?”

I smiled. “Uh, how about – I don’t know – you surprise me.”

Nearly an hour later, Rosemary had prepared an impressive home-cooked meal. “There’s roast chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and butterscotch pudding for dessert.”

“Looks, smells and tastes delicious!” I exclaimed after swallowing a bite of food.

“Oh, so as a person you’ve got all the senses, huh?”

We laughed.

“Only the main five,” I said.

We ate in silence a while, then I said, “I feel almost like we’re married with me doing most of the outside work and you taking care of the cooking and cleaning. I sure could get used to this.”

“I think you’d make a fine husband, even if you have some pretty tall tales to tell along the way.”

“No tall tales from me. Anyway, thank you. You’d make a fine little wife yourself, you know.”

“To tell you the truth,” began Rosemary.


“I’d have been bummed as hell if I’d learned you were with someone when we met.”

“Would you have?”

Rosemary nodded.

“Me too,” I said softly.

“My, my, officer Hawkins, I guess that means we like each other.”

We giggled happily.

After dinner, Rosemary sat at the computer while I went to use the bathroom. Judging by the impish grin on her face, I could tell she had some kind of prank in the making.

Not long after I stepped out of the bathroom, voices began to fill the room. I stopped, brows furrowed in confusion as I gazed up at the speakers overhead. It took me a moment or two to realize that I was hearing the taped conversation of the little geographical misunderstanding Rosemary had told me about.

I grinned when I heard Rosemary say, “I heard it’s going to be in the sixties tomorrow.”

After a brief pause of silence, a confused young voice responded with, “Really? I heard it’s only to be fifteen.”

Then came the clearing up of who was in which state, then silence. That was when I began laughing uproariously. “You gotta play that one for Melanie some time.”

We put on some romantic music and went into the whirlpool. I was content to relax while Rosemary playfully swished through the bubbly water. I could hear her squeals of delight even over the music.

Once we were out, dried, and in sleep shirts, Rosemary turned the music down so I could just about make out what was being said. I plopped myself down in the chair by the desk as Rosemary asked, “Ever been with a stripper before?”

I gave a slight jump of surprise and smiled slightly. “No, I can’t say that I have. Were you a stripper?”

She nodded. “An exotic dancer, some may call it.”

“Really? Tell me about it.”

“Not much to tell. You just tell the DJ what music you want to dance to, go up on stage and shake it.”

“And they give you money?”

“You at least hope they do, anyway,” Rosemary said with a laugh as she went to light a stick of incense. “There’s always some cheap bastards out for a free show. Some nights were dead, some were rocking. See, the girls were rotated through the stage which wasn’t where you usually made most of your money. It was by doing table dances that you’d make more money.”

“Table dances?”

Rosemary nodded again. “A one to one dance for five dollars right where the person’s sitting.”

“Ever do women?”


“What did you wear?”

“Not much.”

I laughed heartily. “Well, I gathered that.”

“High heels, lots of makeup and a g-string. We usually danced one dance with our tops on, then lost it for the second song. Hang on, I’ll show you some costumes.”

Rosemary trotted over to where her clothes were and pulled a few garments out and ran them back to me. The garments were so tiny I could practically hold them all in one fist. First I inspected a black bikini, then a pale pink one, then a red and gold one. “So,” I said, trying not to blush, “do I get to see you in one of these?”

“If you want to see me in one of them. Take your pick, officer.”

I made my selection, sniffed the air and said, “This is that other fragrance I like a lot.”

“It’s magnolia. I’ll be right back. No peeking till I say so,” Rosemary called over her shoulder as she took off.

I kept my eyes on the monitor, a content smile on my face, and waited in eager anticipation. A few minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, took one look at her, and was amazed by what I saw. On high heels stood a beautiful, healthy looking young lady, clad in the skimpiest pink shimmery satin and lace bikini I had ever seen.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, then I motioned for her to turn around. When she did my jaw dropped and my eyes bulged.

Rosemary spun back around to face me. “So now you see what an exotic dancer looks like.”

I laughed. “I don’t know about others, but this one looks mighty foxy.”

“Ever slow danced before?” Rosemary asked me.

“No,” I told her.

“Never?” Rosemary asked with surprised.

“No, never,” I said with a slight smile.

“Well, then it’s about time you had your first slow dance.”

My smile broadened as I watched Rosemary pick out an appropriate song to start with. Then she took hold of one of my hands to help tug me up from my seat. She pressed her small body against mine and wrapped her arms around my waist. Slowly, she began to sway to the music. I wrapped my arms around her as well, hands resting between the small of her back and upper butt, and swayed to the music right along with her. We gazed affectionately into each other’s eyes a moment, then Rosemary gently rested her head on my shoulder. I nuzzled my cheek against the top part of her head.

I could sense the emotions I was feeling at the moment. I knew I felt immense love as well as loved in return. I knew I also felt content, wanted, needed, happy and fulfilled, all feelings I’d never felt before, or at least not to this degree.

“If you’re not a gift from above, then I don’t know what is,” I barely heard myself whisper in Rosemary’s ear.

Rosemary picked her head up off my shoulder and gazed lovingly into my eyes. Her misty eyes seem to glow.

Slowly, our lips found each other’s. My hands slid to her exposed ass. Rosemary’s own movements were becoming more exploratory, more determined. Her hands ran up and down the length of my back, then they slipped around to my front and up under the T-shirt I’d put on to ward off the chill that had set in with the waning sun. Presently, I was anything but chilled. She began to tug the shirt upward. I let go of her long enough to help, pulling the shirt up over my head.

“Are you sure you want to do this and that you’re ready?” I asked her.

She nodded and held up her left hand. “It’s only your ring I’m wearing.”

“You have no doubts at all?”

Rosemary shook her head.

“Good, because I play for keeps, Angel Eyes,” I said, cupping the underside of her chin. “If I take you tonight, I’m not letting you go,” I told her.

“Then don’t.”

Again our lips found one another’s. What started with a few quick kisses, slowly became long, sensual kisses. After a moment or two, I pulled back and reached around to unhook Rosemary’s top.

“Oh, my God,” I said with surprised delight once her breasts were exposed. “They’re so beautiful! How’d these end up so full and perky?”

Rosemary smiled, then reached to tug my sports bra upwards. As I did with my shirt, I pulled it up over my head and tossed the garment aside. “I don’t have much,” I told her.

“You’re perfect,” Rosemary said, running the flat of her palms across my chest.

“You don’t think I’m too flat and too muscular? Too boyish?”

Rosemary shook her head. “I like that, and I like you just the way you are.”

I began to lower her bikini bottoms. “Don’t worry, I won’t go inside.”

“You can if you want to.”

I looked back at Rosemary with surprise. “You’d let me do that?”

Rosemary nodded.

I smiled with excitement and anticipation.

“Haven’t you ever been inside a woman before, you know, with tongues, fingers or even strap-ons?”

I shook my head. “They wouldn’t let me.”

“Oh, well I’ll grant you permission to enter so long as you’re gentle. I’m probably a bit tight given the time I’ve been alone.”

I took off my own pants and underwear and led Rosemary to the bed where she lay comfortably on her back. “You nervous?” I asked her.

She shook her head, reached up, and tugged me down towards her. We giggled playfully as I landed with my knees and palms at her sides. I lowered my body towards hers and began to slowly and teasingly rub myself against her. Rosemary’s arms and legs wrapped around my middle. My movements picked up in speed as a sudden wave of desire seemed to come over me. “My God!” I panted. “I never felt like this before.”

Moans of pleasure escaped Rosemary’s lips as she ran her hands up and down my back and butt, also seeming to become rather determined. “Do me faster, harder,” she begged.

I quickened my movements even more. Every so often I had to stop to catch my breath, yet it wasn’t long before we both came.

“That was something,” I said breathlessly as I plopped myself down beside Rosemary once we were spent.

“You never came like that before?” Rosemary asked, turning to face me.

I shook my head. “Not by just rubbing up against a woman.” I reached for Rosemary and pulled her on top of me. She flung her hair to the side and brought her lips towards mine. We kissed tenderly.

Then Rosemary sat upright. Her snug little butt was by my hips. She reached for one of my hands and guided my index finger between her legs. I couldn’t see from where I was, but I assumed she was slipping my finger inside her. I knew for sure that this was the case a minute later when I said, “Oh, wow,” with a smile, clearly thrilled with delight and awe at the sensations I was feeling and experiencing.

“Is it what you expected?” Rosemary asked.


A moment later, Rosemary began to moan again. “I’m building back up again,” she said.

“Me too,” I said, sitting up and shifting Rosemary’s weight back onto the bed. A second later, I dove between her legs with my tongue to lick and suck at her pussy. “Oh, it tastes and smells so good,” I said, pulling back.

“And it feels so great too, so please don’t stop.”

“I can go inside with my tongue?”

Rosemary gave quick, eager nods with her head and so I continued, leaving me to wish I could feel what I was feeling. I knew in my mind what my body form was supposed to be feeling, though imagining it and knowing it wasn’t the same as actually experiencing it from where I was as just a piece of paper on the wall.

From what I could see from my angle, I seemed to be alternating between jabbing my tongue in and out of her and flicking my tongue over her clit. Whatever I was doing, it was driving Rosemary crazy. She moaned in ecstasy and reached down to run her fingers desperately through my hair, pulling me closer to her. My movements became frantic and shaky. I reached up to caress a full, supple breast. Rosemary began panting heavily until we once again found sweet relief in one another.

“There goes two more firsts,” I said between breaths as I lay flat on my back.

“Which are?”

“Well, for starters, I never came by licking pussy alone without some form of stimulation to me at the same time, and I never came twice in one session.”

Rosemary, who lay on her side leaning on one elbow, smiled with satisfaction.

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