6 - Getting to Know Each Other in Angel Eyes

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The next day I awoke a couple hours after the sun had risen. I looked lovingly at Rosemary’s sleeping form as she lay beside me, breathing softly. I gently nudged her until she began to moan in protest.

“What-what are you doing?” she asked with irritation.

“I thought we should get up now.”

“Oh, you get up yourself and leave me alone!” Rosemary said, irritation growing.

I stifled a chuckle of amusement. This was obviously no morning person.

“What the hell time is it anyway?” Rosemary asked.

“It’s 7:30,” I told her.

“7:30!” Rosemary exclaimed. “That’s the middle of the night. Go back to sleep!”

I laughed audibly now. “I’ve had enough sleep, hon, so why don’t I get up and I’ll let you sleep in a bit longer, ok?”

“Mmm,” moaned Rosemary.

“I may have to run out on business, so don’t forget your key if you go out when I’m not here.”

Again Rosemary moaned, this time with serious annoyance.

I chuckled and said, “Ok, see you later, sweetie.”

I took a shower and made some phone calls. Because I was keeping my voice down, I
couldn’t make out what I was saying.

After I’d been settled on the couch reading for a while, I glanced up at the wall clock and decided to wake Rosemary. I walked over to where she slept and said, “Rosemary, sweetie, it’s time to get up now.”

Rosemary stirred, then sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“It’s 10:30, hon. Time to rise and shine. Want some coffee?”

Rosemary nodded. “How are you making it?”

“I have a coffeemaker.”

“Ground coffee or whole bean?”

“It’s ground.”

“Yuck,” said Rosemary, flopping back onto the bed and drawing an amused smile from me. “I should bring my beans, grinder and even my water dispenser over.”

“We can get it as soon as you get moving,” I said, pouring her a cup of coffee. “Cream and sugar?”

“Please,” said Rosemary with a nod.

Once her coffee was ready, I brought it over to her and set it down by the bed on the makeshift nightstand.

“Thanks,” Rosemary said politely.

“You’re very welcome. So what’s this about a water dispenser?”

“It’s a hot and cold water dispenser. That way you can brew single cups or make cups of tea or hot chocolate in seconds.”

“Oh, that’d be nice to have. I thought we’d go pick out a washer and dryer too, so we don’t have to lug our clothes to a Laundromat.”


“First things first, though, which I thought would be getting whatever stuff of yours you want to have over here, then maybe tomorrow we can do the appliance hunting.”

Rosemary sipped her coffee, covers still wrapped tightly around her. “How did you know I decided to stay with you?”

“Well, I didn’t, actually. I just hoped you would.”

“But staying with you means I have to do what you say. Isn’t that part of the deal?”

“Within reason,” I said nodding. “It’s not like I’m going to boss you around as if you were a kid, so don’t worry.”

“You sure about that, Katie?”

“Sure I’m sure. I promise I won’t make any demands unless I strongly feel it’s for your own good, ok?”

Rosemary nodded.

“Think you can trust me, or at least try to?”

Rosemary nodded again, though this time it was with more reluctance.

Squeak, squeak, went the rats.

“Yeah, I’ll be over in a minute.” Rosemary took another swallow of coffee, then flung the covers aside, stunning me with what I saw. This time, I was too shocked and awed to do any blushing, for the creature before me which rose from the bed was utterly perfect. Clad in nothing but a pink g-string, she was a vision of beauty that caused my jaw to drop and my eyes to widen. I couldn’t tear my eyes from her heavenly body which turned to face me at which time I admired the way her large, firm breasts peeked in and out from behind her long flowing hair as she moved.

“Sorry, officer. I don’t sleep in much,” she told me.

“Oh, oh it’s ok,” I said, trying not to stumble and stutter like a lovesick fool. Still, I couldn’t help but drool with desire as she turned her back towards me to head for the bathroom, leaving me with a vivid view of her snug, perky butt in which the ends of her hair teasingly brushed across.

The phone rang seconds after Rosemary shut the bathroom door.

“Hello… Yes, Janet… Well, I suppose I could start by telling you that you were right… Yes…” I blushed brightly. “Very beautiful, like a little fairy princess straight out of a fairytale… No, so far I’d say she’s both everything and nothing you and Gwen said she’d be, but time will tell for sure just what she’s evolved into… I think she’s going to stick around a while longer. At least I hope she does… Yes, I would like to keep her.”

After a few more minutes of idle chatter, Rosemary emerged from the bathroom, still basically naked, though now she had her hair in a long braid which covered her entire back. “Who’s that?” she asked.

“My friend Janet. The one you spoke to the other day. Want to say hi?”

“Yeah, yeah, I guess so,” Rosemary said impatiently. “Then I want to get dressed and get on with it.”

“Be nice,” I told Rosemary as I handed her the phone.

But instead of saying anything, Rosemary simply sang a line from a song I’d never heard of about a bird flying away.

After a few seconds, I took the phone back.

“Yeah,” I said with a chuckle. “Very talented.”

We continued with the small talk as Rosemary pulled on a pair of purple shorts and a pink halter. Once she was dressed she picked up her rats, placed one on each shoulder, and headed towards the refrigerator. She took out something in which they grabbed and held in their tiny hands as they began to munch on it. I watched with amusement, then hung up with Janet.

“They have to have their breakfast,” Rosemary told me.

“Isn’t this more like lunch?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah, I suppose it is,” Rosemary said, placing the rats on the floor. They started to run towards their cage with food in their mouths till one dropped and lost theirs. She called to the rat who stopped and turned to face her, then ran to where she was pointing to. The rat took hold of the food securely in its mouth, then continued on home.

“They know their names?” I asked, impressed.

“Oh yes. Rats are very intelligent animals.”

“Guess they are. Anyway, whenever you want to go, we’ll go, but I do have to work at the jail tonight. Someone’s out sick that I have to fill in for.”

“Ok,” said Rosemary, shutting the door to the cage and grabbing her purse.

“Ready?” I asked with a smile.

Rosemary nodded eagerly.

With Rosemary and my human self gone, I sat in silence and waited. It was a good hour or so before Rosemary and I returned in my truck. I saw myself hop out, along with Rosemary, and untie a tarp that covered the stuff that was now in the back of it. I watched myself watch Rosemary with amusement as she struggled with one of the ties until I was done with the tie I was working on myself. Then I went to assist her as she ducked under the edge of the tarp and pulled out a box which she set beside the door. Just then, I removed the tarp entirely, folded it up, and placed it on the floor of the truck. Once we had enough boxes gathered by the door, I propped both sets of doors open by pushing them open as far as they would go.

“I don’t mind carrying these in for you,” I told Rosemary as I entered the building with some boxes. “So you can start unpacking these anytime you want.”

“Ok, thanks, Katie.”

“No problem,” I said with a wink as I turned to fetch the water dispenser. “Where would you like this dispenser, ma’am?”

“You can put it down there in our little kitchen.”


Rosemary began to open a box, but because she was behind the couch, I couldn’t see what its contents were at first from the wall in which I was perched upon.

“That was nice of Marilyn to help you pack,” I said, coming in with more boxes stacked in my long, strong arms a few minutes later. “I’ll have to meet your other friend some time, too. How do they communicate, anyway?”

“Mostly by pointing to the things they’re talking about or by their facial expressions,” Rosemary told me.

“Oh,” I said with a chuckle, placing the boxes on the floor and turning to get the last of them.

Rosemary folded and placed her clothes on another table which I set up for her towards the front corner of the building opposite the bathroom which was on the other front corner. She also set up some accessories there as well as other little odds and ends. She placed her shoes underneath the table.

“Where would you like to set up your dolls?” I asked.

“I only brought my favorites, so I guess if you can find one more table like this one, that’d be enough. You can put it next to this one.”

“Ok,” I said, pulling another folding table from against the wall. “Ew!”

“What?” asked Rosemary.

“Just some spiders.”

“Oh, yuck! I don’t mind snakes or rodents, but spiders are totally repulsive.”

“You don’t mind snakes? You’re one brave little lady if that’s the case!”

“In the rural southwest, you tend to get used to the idea of them being around when they’re not hibernating. I’ve got some pictures of some Diamondbacks I took, amongst many other pictures of scenery and things like that. I’ll show you them some time if you’re interested.”

“I’d love to see them,” I said as Rosemary began pulling dolls from boxes and setting them up.

“You really do have such beautiful dolls. So lifelike. Do they have names?”

“Yeah, that’s Jade,” Rosemary said pointing to a large Native American doll, “then there’s Bailey, Joy, Haiku and so on.”

“You name them?”

“No, the sculptor usually does.”

“I heard you got into drawing. Is that true?”

Rosemary nodded.

“So you could draw me?”

Again she nodded. “Got some sculpting clay, too.”

I smiled. “I think I’ll start with just being drawn some time if you don’t mind.”

“No, I’ll draw you. Do you have a picture of yourself?”

“No, not handy.”

“No problem,” Rosemary said, pulling something from a box. “Got a digital camera right here.” She held it up to me and snapped a picture.

“Wow, that was fast and easy.”

“I’ll load it into the computer, print it out and work from that.”

“Ok, it’s a deal then,” I said.

Rosemary opened another box.

“What’s that?”

“Fashion dolls.” Rosemary pulled a few dolls from the box that were smaller than the other dolls. “These aren’t porcelain like the others. They’re vinyl.”

“You have a good variety of races and colors.”

Rosemary nodded.

I casually strode over to the computer and took a seat by it, then hit the power switch. The hard drive hummed to life. A moment later Rosemary came over with a small box and plopped it down on the table by the monitor. “What are those?” I asked. “Stuffed animals?”

“No, these are the Barbies.” She turned the box upside down and spilled a dozen or so onto the table.

I chuckled at the sight.

“I figured that because they’re not breakable, I’d decorate the workspace with them.”


“You don’t mind learning computers with Barbie, do you?”

My eyes twinkled lovingly as I laughed. “No, I don’t think so.”

Rosemary began to sit the Barbies along the top of the monitor and at the sides of it. “On or off.”

“Excuse me?” I asked, brows furrowed.

“That’s all a computer knows is on or off. Either something’s running or it’s not. And computers never make mistakes. Only the people guiding them make mistakes. Computers can have viruses that make them do bad things, but they never make mistakes.”

“Oh,” I said, listening intently.

“You’ve booted up your computer, now explore it and tell me how much space you have and on what drives.”

I shifted in my chair, apparently not having a clue as to what Rosemary was talking about.

“Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t get that.”

“Sorry,” I said with a shrug.

For the next few hours Rosemary sat in a chair she’d pulled up beside mine, teaching me the basics of the computer to get me started. I could see that I was highly impressed with all she knew. Every now and then she loaded up various pieces of software and hardware that would either help me do the things I wanted to do or that Rosemary herself used regularly.

When we breaked for lunch, I noticed Rosemary take a can of something from the food table and put it in one of the boxes she’d emptied out, but I pretended not to notice as I made us roast beef sandwiches, insisting the student ought to be the one to make lunch for her and her teacher. We ate at the table and in between mouthfuls I asked what the difference was between hardware and software.

“Hardware is a physical circuit board, software is programs that you load onto your hard drive. That reminds me. I gotta load up your picture.”

After lunch, Rosemary showed me how to load and display images in a picture viewing program she installed. “Not bad,” I said when I saw my picture.

“Definitely a looker,” Rosemary said with a smile.

I smiled as well.

“Want me to add any special touches to your drawing?”

“Like what?”

“Well, I could always draw you like this,” Rosemary said, extending her middle finger.

I laughed. “No, that’s ok.” I glanced up at the clock. “Well, I gotta get ready to go to jail. Shall I dress in the bathroom, or are you ok with me changing here?”

“I think I can handle it, either way, Officer,” Rosemary said, keeping her eyes on the monitor as I moved to the armoire behind her and pulled out my uniform. When I was fully dressed, she turned to face me and stilled. “My, my, don’t we look hot in uniform.”

I smiled. “Thank you.”

“How long have you been Springfield’s finest?”

I laughed. “Well, I don’t know about the finest, but I’ve been an officer for just over two years now.”

“Well, you’re one fine looking cop, Katie.”

“Thank you.”

“So you’re twenty-nine?”

“Yup. Just turned twenty-nine at the beginning of the month.”

Just then, a car pulled up in front.

“Looks like Rosa’s here,” said Rosemary as I watched the familiar plump Hispanic girl exit her car. Rosemary rose to open the door for her friend who began speaking in Spanish. Rosemary then introduced the young girl to me. “Speak any Spanish?” Rosemary asked me.

“Nope. I’m just Italian and I don’t even know that,” I said with a smile.

Rosemary and Rosa began to chat happily in fluent Spanish. I listened, impressed with what I heard, though I couldn’t understand a word they said.

“Wow,” I said at one point, “you really do speak Spanish, don’t you?”

Rosemary nodded, then interpreted for Rosa.

When I turned my back to them in order to gather up some things which I threw in a small duffel bag, Rosemary playfully made like she was going to grab my ass, causing both her and Rosa to erupt with laughter.

I spun around to face them with a smile, mixed with a look of curiosity. “Ok, you two, I gotta get going.” I focused my gaze on Rosemary. “I’ll be in late, like around midnight.”

“That’s not late. That’s early.”

I smiled again. “Ok, I’ll see you then. Close the blinds when it starts getting dark, behave yourself, and leave me a note if you go out anywhere so I won’t have to wonder where in the world you are and worry about you.”

“Yes, boss,” Rosemary said with a salute as I headed out the door.
Rosa didn’t stay long after I left. When she did leave, Rosemary turned the rats loose to roam around an explore and to make periodic visits to where she sat, along with intermittent trips back home for drinks and to relieve themselves.

Meanwhile, Rosemary picked up a sketchbook, sat down in front of the computer, and began sketching away. I wished I could see what she was drawing from where I was, but at the angle we were at, it was impossible to observe her work. After a half hour of sketching, she did some other computer work, then rose to watch TV.

A couple hours later, she began dipping incense, from what I could see, down by the bathroom. She’d throw sticks in a container, pour oil into them from a bottle, then cover the container.

At some point in the night, she changed into a snug-fitting bodysuit which showed off all her peaks and valleys. Then she walked back over to the computer and began to play some soft music. Taking a few steps back, she began doing a series of stretching exercises. She was extremely flexible and graceful. After a while of stretching, she switched to more upbeat music and began a dazzling routine of dance movements. So caught up in the music was she that she didn’t notice when I entered the building at first. I stood still, silently watching her with both surprise and appreciation.

When she noticed me, she stopped and ran to the computer to turn the music off.

“Hey, girl, I like your moves!” I said with a smile.

“Oh, thanks. How was work?”

A flicker of surprise crossed my features, then I slowly smiled again and said, “The usual. Even Melanie got hit on tonight.”

“Melanie’s your friend, right?”

“Yeah, you’ll meet her soon. She was in the circus just like you,” I said, crossing over to the armoire. “I’m going to make myself comfortable.”

“Want me to fix you something to eat?” Rosemary asked.

“No thanks,” I said appreciatively, changing into my sleep shirt.

“Going to bed?”

“Soon, but I can stay up for a while if you want to chat or something.”

“Want to see your portrait?”

“I’d love to. Got it done?”

Rosemary nodded and handed me the drawing.

Shock and awe crossed my features as I said, “Wow, this is fantastic! It truly looks like me.”

“Well, I should hope so,” Rosemary said.

“How’d you learn to do this?”

“One day a feeling came over me that said I could do it, so I did it. Wasn’t very good at first, but with practice and time, I got better.”

“You sure did,” I said, “but what I really want some time is to hear you sing and see you do some of your circus performances and – oh my God!” I exclaimed, suddenly realizing a rat had come up to me. I jumped back a step or two, but the curious critter followed.

“Relax,” Rosemary insisted. “He’s not going to do anything more than just sniff you. Once he sees you’re not food he’ll move on.”

I stood still, taut as a rubber band, and let the rat sniff my foot. When the rat moved away, Rosemary swooped down to scoop it up and called to the other rat, leaving me to breathe a sigh of relief as I fell back onto the bed. Then Rosemary shut the rats in the cage.

“Thank you, thank you,” I said. “Rolling around on the floor with a pack of rats is not my idea of a good time. I’d rather be maced or zapped than have those things climbing on me the way they do with you.”

“Are you a good shot?” Rosemary asked.

“A good shot? Well,” I said thoughtfully, “I can usually hit my target if that’s what you mean. I’m no knife thrower, though.”

“Oh, I am,” said Rosemary confidently. “And I’m good, too.” She pulled a knife from her suitcase. I sat up straight just as she threw it at a pole that was a good fifteen feet from where she stood. Its point stuck, embedded a half inch or so in the plaster that coated the pole. “See?” she said proudly.

“Uh,” I said rising from the bed, “that’s very good, but you’re not supposed to have any weapons, you know.”

Rosemary giggled knowingly.

I smiled, yet held my shame-on-you look as I pulled the knife from the pole and confiscated it, locking it in the file cabinet. “Any other contraband items?” I asked, turning to face her.

She shook her head and I headed into the bathroom.

“Hello down there,” I heard once I returned.

I jumped, then looked upwards, startled to find Rosemary dangling upside down from a rope between the kitchen and computer area in which she gripped between her thighs. She was close to the ceiling. “My God, what are you doing up there?”

“Scaring the shit out of you.”

“Yes, you are, so why don’t you come on down.”

“Chill out, woman. I have a safety cable on. Look, it drops me a few feet at a time if I let go of the rope.”

I clutched my heart as Rosemary plunged downward, now ten feet lower, then grasped the rope again with her hands and thighs.

“There’s another safety if you want to come join me up here.”

“No thanks. I prefer to keep my feet on solid ground.”

Rosemary dropped another ten feet in an instant, accelerating my heartbeat yet again. “Are you sure you can really handle me, officer Hawkins?”

Placing my hands on my hips I said, “You’re testing me, aren’t you?”

Rosemary said nothing. Instead, she dropped another ten feet. Now she was almost to the floor. My eyes followed her as she dropped lower still, feet now touching the floor, easing my frantic heartbeat. Still with my hands on my hips, I shook my head. “What am I going to do with you?” But then I smiled with affection written all over my face as Rosemary giggled the most delightful giggle that was clearly music to my ears.

“Ok, ready for bed now? Think it’s late enough at nearly 1:00 in the morning?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Rosemary said. “I’ll go get ready.”

I slid into bed as Rosemary went to check her email for questions before undressing.

“Someone’s asking about the fragrances up for auction. You know, the ones I use as store bait?”

“Yeah? What are you going to tell them?”

“Probably something like to just bid on the damn thing and hope to win it so you can find out.”

I laughed.

Rosemary rolled her eyes, then said, “Let me just tell them it’s wonderful before I finish stripping.”

Again I laughed.

Rosemary tapped away at the keyboard, then powered the computer down and finished undressing. I couldn’t have seen her lovely nakedness even if I’d turned my head in her direction because of the headboard that was between us. “Tomorrow’s my day off,” I began.


“Want to go appliance hunting like we were talking about earlier and then maybe out to eat?”

“Sure,” Rosemary said. “But do not wake me up before 10:00 or I’ll be a little monster.”

“Ok,” I said with a chuckle.

I heard the flick of a lighter. “Lighting some incense?”

“Yeah, I like to fall asleep to the smell,” Rosemary said, placing the stick in the burner by the couch just as I rose and headed over to the armoire. “What are you doing?” Rosemary asked.

“Grabbing a robe to slip into when I wake up. I figure if you’re going to sleep comfortably, then so am I.” I pulled off my sleep shirt and slid back into bed wearing nothing but skimpy black panties.

Clad in a red G-string, Rosemary flipped the lights off and strode through the darkness to her side of the bed.

“Mmm, this one smells wonderful,” I said as Rosemary settled under the covers next to me. “What is it?”

“Morning Mist.”

“Best one yet.”

“I’ll make you a batch tomorrow.”

“How sweet of you.”

“You pick it, I dip it.”

I chuckled. “Well, you can surely dip this one. Good night, Angel Eyes.”

“G’night, good looking.”

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