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  • March 26, 2021, 5:23 p.m.
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I just grilled 2 reuben sandwiches for a friend on another floor, in the apartment building. Their birthday is Sunday, but I am going to be busy, this weekend, with my secret project. I will tell you this much. It is an Easter project for a very special group of people. To give, always makes me feel good. Sometimes I think that it is what makes me feel good above anything else. I am listening to Phil Collins Love Songs cd. It’s beautiful. We are having mild temperatures here in the Ohio Valley. Earlier we were experiencing high winds at 50 MPH.
On the other side of things, my floor gets more scary as the days go by. I do have a friend on this floor. We both heard a lot of door slamming, last night. It came from Denise’s apartment, the apt. of the neighbor whom is being evicted. Three times, I had to call 911 because I smelled gas outside of her apartment. As I stated in a previous entry, she blames me for her being evicted. She has a girlfriend whom has a brother. He is often at Denise’s apt. He does not like me. He and my friend on this floor, had a confrontation. He and my friend almost had a physical altercation when my friend confronted him about the door slamming. The guy claims to have been a marine, and told my friend that he would gladly take it across the street. Nothing came of it. Denise was by her apt. I was by my apt. I know that she was just waiting for me to say something, so that she could start something with me. My friend said that he could smell my neighbor “burning wax”. People are now saying that I am a “snitch” or an “informant” simply b/c I do not smoke marijuana or do drugs or sell and buy pills. My landlord is fully aware of what goes on in this building. I do not dime anyone out. I have a good reputation, and do not get in any trouble, so people say that I inform. I do not. I do not know who does what. I am not involved in that end of things. Soon, things will come to fruition, b/c I was told that there may be a big drug bust, here. Whether or not there is any truth to that, I do not know.
I just want to lead a happy life. I just want to be a better person than the person I was yesterday. :)

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