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  • March 26, 2021, 1 p.m.
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I love how the people who squawk the loudest about “personal responsibility” have no idea what “personal responsibility” actually is. Especially when it comes to women saying, “It’s not my responsibility to not get raped or harassed or stalked or murdered; it’s other peoples’ responsibility not to rape or harass or stalk or murder me.”

Let me put it in a way that at least one of you might be able to understand (and by “you”, I mean “the incels and incel apologists that Josh won’t do anything about”).

I’m at a restaurant, I have a fork, and I’m eating a salad. Since I’m sure details are important, let’s say it’s a Caesar salad, no croutons. Anyway. I’m eating my salad with a fork, when someone sits at a table across the room from my table. Just… Sat down. Didn’t look at me, didn’t wave to me, didn’t acknowledge my presence in any way. They just sat down and are currently reading the menu. I have a fork, and I decide I’d very much like to stab the person who just sat down at the table all the way across the room from me, with my fork. So I do: I get up, I cross the room, and I stab them with my fork. Who is at fault here?

Actually, why don’t I just go ahead and tell you, so you don’t have to worry the one-eighth of a brain cell you have left on this amazingly complicated and delicate problem:



If you harass someone, YOU ARE AT FAULT. The person you’re harassing did not invite your shitty behavior, and I’m sure they already told you off, but because you’re a shitty person with a severely mistaken definition of “personal responsibility,” you’re continuing to force your unwanted and dismissed attention on them, on the wildly mistaken grounds that “it’s their responsibility to make me not harass them.”

Just. Act like you’re intelligent enough to understand that going forward, okay?

No notes, because I’m not arguing with a bunch of morons about ethics today.

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