Chapter 19 in A Rainbow in Munich

  • March 25, 2021, 1:22 p.m.
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Rainbow and Hildegard hadn’t been in the pool long when Nadja showed up and emerged through the back slider. “Hallo,” she said in a cheery voice.

“Nadja’s here!” Rainbow squealed with childlike delight.

“Shhh,” Nadja said, putting a finger to her lips. “Not so loud.”

Mother and daughter exchanged amused smiles as Rainbow swam toward Nadja for a hug. Then while she and her mother spoke in German, she swam around the two women, almost wishing she could be with them both and have the best of both worlds.

All was fine and then Rainbow and Nadja began to argue about God knew what. It wasn’t long before Rainbow wasn’t even sure what started it. She was just surprised at the sudden and drastic change in Nadja’s mood.

“Calm down, Miss Wall Street,” ordered Rainbow.

“Shut up.”

“No, you shut up and…”

“Don’t you ever tell me what to do!”

Before her mind could fully grasp it, Rainbow was grabbed by a shouting Nadja who shook her violently. She was shaken with such force that Rainbow literally thought her neck would break.

Hildegard moved over to them as fast as she could move through the water which was just above her waist right as Nadja finally released her by throwing her back into the water.

Rainbow’s head slipped underwater and she came up coughing and choking on the water that had risen up her nose and then been accidentally swallowed. “You – you fucking m-mean, dumb-ass fucktard!” Rainbow sputtered.

Hildegard wedged herself between them and began reprimanding her daughter in volumes that were much louder than Rainbow thought the woman was capable of achieving. “What the hell’s the matter with you!” she shouted in rapid German. “Are you out of your mind? If you don’t curb your temper I’ll not only see to it that you don’t get her this weekend but not in three months either!”

Nadja raised her hands in surrender, though it was plain to see that she was still upset. She glared menacingly at Rainbow.

“Fucktard,” Rainbow muttered.

“Yeah?” Nadja said, eyes blazing with anger once again as she advanced toward her.

Hildegard pushed her back, yelled something at her, and then at Rainbow.

Nadja turned and headed for the pool steps and Rainbow moved towards the other end of the pool. Once she reached the other end she slowly turned to find Nadja toweling herself dry. She was still dazed by her temper. Had she always had these sudden outbursts? Would she ever hurt her? That last question raised small tendrils of alarm within her. What if Hildegard hadn’t been there to intervene? How far would she have gone then?

Nadja disappeared inside the house and then Rainbow slowly swam over to Hildegard who eyed her with an expression she couldn’t quite comprehend. Was she upset with her? Worried for her?

Hildegard, sensing her insecurity, reached out and pulled her toward her.

At least she’s not mad at me, Rainbow thought.

A few minutes later, Rainbow hobbled indoors, Hildegard close by to catch her should she fall.

Nadja was in the bathroom by the kitchen. Rainbow followed Hildegard to the bedroom where they both changed, and then Rainbow went into the master bathroom and began brushing out her hair.

Nadja entered the room a moment later.

Rainbow froze, brush in midair.

“Hey, you,” Nadja said. “Let’s not fight, ok?”

“Well, you’re the one that started it.” Then, seeing the pleading look on Nadja’s face she brought the brush back to her long locks and nodded.

“Fucktard,” Nadja said with a laugh. “Where do you come up with these things?”

Rainbow shrugged. “I’m a writer. I guess us writers are supposed to be creative.”

Rainbow placed the brush on the counter as Nadja pulled her into her arms. She looked up at her and Rainbow found her gaze to be both intimidating and sexy at the same time.

“You ready?” Nadja asked.

Rainbow nodded. “As long as you’re not going to kill me the next time you get pissed at me.”

Nadja laughed and flashed her beautiful smile. “Me? Now, why would I ever want to be such a fucktard?”

A moment later they stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom just as Hildegard entered it looking a bit concerned. “Alles gutes?” she asked.

They nodded and assured her that yes, all was fine.

A short while later they were packing up Rainbow’s stuff for the weekend. Rainbow was gathering her pills in the kitchen when she heard her mother warn Nadja to be good to her.

Hildegard hugged the hell out of her, seemingly reluctant to let her go.

Nadja laughed and said, “She acts like she’s never going to see you again.”

And then they were backing out of the driveway with Hildegard watching in the doorway.

No sooner did Nadja get Rainbow inside her apartment when she scooped her up into her arms, carried her into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. In a flash Rainbow’s clothes were off and an hour of sweaty pleasure ensued from there.

They lay in the dark chatting afterward and Rainbow thought it was a nice break to have someone around that could speak her language.

Rainbow awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs frying. The delicious aroma motivated her to pull herself out of bed even though she was still a bit tired. Yesterday had been a busy day between court, her fight with Nadja, her intimacy with Nadja, and other physical activity her body wasn’t yet quite ready to handle.

“Hey, Zuckerpuppe,” Nadja said with a smile after Rainbow had used the bathroom, brushed her teeth and slipped into her robe.

“Hey, sugar doll, huh?”

Nadja nodded. “You know that one?”

Rainbow nodded and yawned.

“Sleep well?”

Rainbow nodded again. “Can I help with anything?”

“Yes, ma’am. Bring your beautiful little self over here and give me a kiss.”

Rainbow was glad to oblige.

They’d just finished eating when the phone rang.

Glancing at the Caller ID on the phone that sat on the counter, Nadja rolled her eyes and said, “It’s mom.”

Rainbow smiled as she placed the last of her strip of bacon in her mouth.

“Ja, mama, aber sie ist kien Kind,” Nadja said in which Rainbow understood to mean that she was trying to assure and convince her mother that she was not a child.

Part amused, part annoyed, Nadja handed Rainbow the phone.

Rainbow quickly wiped her greasy hand on a napkin and took the phone. “Hallo, Hildy.” Rainbow caught Nadja’s smile as she started clearing the table and loading dishes into the dishwasher. “Ja, alles gutes.”

After they hung up they sat at Nadja’s table and sipped their coffee.

“You know,” Nadja said with a concerned and thoughtful expression, “I don’t like how attached she’s getting to you. I really don’t. It worries me. I’m afraid letting you go in a few months is going to be a lot harder for her than she realizes.”

“She’ll get over it,” Rainbow said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

“I hope so. But now, thanks to the not so nice things you said to me yesterday in the pool, she’s worried about how we’re getting along.”

“Well, you’re the one that had to go ape shit over it and react like I was trying to kill you or something.”

Nadja’s eyes flashed dangerously upon hers.

Oops, Rainbow thought to herself. Better watch it. Hildy’s not here to protect me.

Smiling and hoping to brighten the mood Rainbow said, “How about a shower? Together.”

Nadja’s face softened and after a minute she said, “I guess I’d like that.”

And I guess I’m not so sure I like the idea of being around a woman with a temper who’s a good eight or nine inches taller than me, Rainbow thought, hoping the rest of the day would be better.

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