Chapter 17 in A Rainbow in Munich

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Wednesday seemed to pass as slowly as maple syrup dripping down a wall, but when Nadja finally appeared after work Rainbow was happy as ever to see her. Even if it meant they wouldn’t have a damn bit of privacy.

Rainbow met Hildegard’s other son, her youngest child, Roman, who came by with his Colombian wife for dinner that evening. Roman and Ella also seemed very friendly.

By the time they left, it was 9:00 and everyone was getting tired.

Rainbow lay on the floor with Nadja by the TV as she guided her through her exercises while Hildegard sat in her chair.

“Come on,” said Nadja, “don’t quit now.”

“But I’m tired,” Rainbow whined. “I did a lot of walking today.”

“Too bad,” Nadja said, raising one of Rainbow’s legs.

“Stop it, Nadja. I said I’m tired.”

“Oh, quit whining like a baby,” Nadja said, growing irritated.

“Then leave me alone.”

But Nadja continued to move her leg upward and Rainbow continued to whine, and as childish as she may have sounded, Rainbow didn’t care. She was tired, she was sore, and she was not in the mood for Nadja’s nagging.

Frustrated, Nadja dropped her leg. “Stop it!” she demanded and slapped a part of her lower stomach a little harder than she’d meant to which was visible since the exercises caused her short nightie to bunch upward exposing her pink lacy panties.

Rainbow cried out in pain and surprise just as Hildegard jumped up out of her chair. After shouting at her daughter in German, she half lifted Rainbow up and then onto her chair beside her where she held her close, soothing her back until she stopped crying a few minutes later.

Nadja sat on the couch staring blindly at the television.

Hildegard kissed her head and smoothed her hair down the length of her back. In no time she felt herself begin to relax. Sitting close to Hildegard had a very comforting effect on her. She eventually fell asleep, head resting upon Hildegard’s shoulder, one arm draped across her stomach.

After an hour passed they turned off the TV and Hildegard began to rise, rousing Rainbow from her sleep who started whining again.

Nadja sighed.

“Why don’t you just let me take her in with me,” her mother said in German.

“No, mom. That would kind of defeat the purpose of why I spend Wednesday nights here. I miss her and I want her with me.”

“Then why did you hit her if you missed her so much?”

“Mom, I didn’t mean to hit her so hard and I’m sorry for it. Really I am.”

“Well, ok,” Hildegard said, looking hesitantly between her daughter and the lovely American lady she’d come to be quite fond of, “but you two better behave.”

“We will,” Nadja said with a smile.

Rainbow stepped sleepily over to the couch in which had been made up with fresh sheets and a blanket and quickly fell asleep in Nadja’s arms, too drained to stay mad at her.

“I mean it, Nadja,” her mother warned in German. “I don’t want any more problems.”

“Don’t worry, mom. I’ll treat her like a queen.”

“Was denkst du?” Hildegard asked Rainbow the next morning after Nadja had left for work.

She opened her mouth to reply, but then realizing she didn’t know the proper words to say, she put down her toast and pulled her laptop over to her. Then in English to German she typed.

I’m thinking about court.

“Oh,” Hildegard said somberly.

Rainbow picked up her toast again and then Hildegard said something she didn’t understand. That was ok, though. No one could know what would happen for sure until it actually happened.

They ate silently for a few more minutes and then Rainbow brushed her hands free of crumbs and typed on the laptop.

I will soon be out of here and out of your way. That thought must be kind of nice for you after having to put up with me and my whining for so long. I know I take up a lot of time and some money too.

After she read what she’d typed, Hildegard typed her response from German to English.

Don’t be silly! I love having you here with me. The money’s nothing and while you do take up some time it is time well spent. I will miss my newfound responsibility of helping to take care of you until you are better and able to make due on your own. However, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves until we know for sure what is going to happen.

Rainbow nodded and was almost tempted to ask Hildegard who she thought would end up her court-appointed caretaker, but didn’t want to put the woman on the spot. Besides, her opinion was only her opinion and not necessarily what would actually happen.

Later that day a social worker from the courts came, for the second time, to see that Rainbow was where she was supposed to be, making her feel like a child all over again. She could see why Nadja had been against the idea of taking her to her place as much as she wanted to. There would be no way for Hildegard to keep covering for her and saying that she happened to be out at the moment when the social worker came around.

Later that day Hildegard took Rainbow for her therapy appointment; the kind that didn’t involve her legs.

They spent most of the next day around the house, although Hildegard did invite Rainbow to accompany her on some errands she needed to run which she gladly accepted. Now that she could walk on her own – however slow it may be – she looked forward to getting out periodically.

Rainbow studied Hildegard’s profile as she reached for a package of pork in the grocery store. She was beautiful. Just beautiful. No wonder Nadja was so gorgeous herself.

A woman of around Hildegard’s age or perhaps a bit older recognized her and the two began chatting happily. Hildegard then put an arm around her and Rainbow gathered that she was explaining her presence to the woman.

The woman looked at her and smiled. Rainbow politely smiled back.

Then she understood that Hildegard was telling the woman that she knew very little German.

After another minute or so of mostly unintelligible conversation, the women bid each other goodbye and they finished gathering their groceries. At the checkout counter, Rainbow found it odd that Hildegard had gotten things she knew she liked. It was almost as if she were sure she’d be staying with her a little longer than two weeks.

By the time they returned home Rainbow was surprised at just how tired she was. Hildegard could tell too, and suggested she lay down and rest on the couch. She gladly acted upon that suggestion and made herself comfortable as Hildegard sat in her chair watching television. When she awoke, groggy and warm, the delicious aroma of baked pork chops filled the air.

Hildegard came out of the kitchen, said something to her she didn’t get, then went back into the kitchen.

Slowly and on shaky legs, she wound her way through the kitchen and into the bathroom to wash up for dinner. The cool water she splashed on her face helped clear the cobwebs from her head and she went out to help Hildy, as was becoming her habit to call her, with the rest of the dinner preparation.

As she was about to sit down, she began to pitch backward, but Hildegard caught her from behind by grabbing both of her upper arms. The tall, slim woman’s strength never ceased to amaze her, and she hated to admit it as embarrassing as it was, but Rainbow was pretty certain Hildegard could kick her ass even when she could walk normally despite pushing sixty. What she wasn’t certain about was why she liked the security and the warm feeling Hildy’s older but fit body gave her as she half-fell back against it before she steadied her. And was it just her imagination, or did Hildy seem to like the contact as well?


Just who had Nadja been referring to when she had hinted that someone in the family may be bisexual?

They didn’t talk much during dinner, as usual, mostly due to the language barrier. After they ate, they went for an evening swim which Rainbow found both rejuvenating and relaxing. The water temperature was perfect. She smiled and sighed with pleasure and Hildegard seemed pleased that she was content. She swam around her for a while and then Hildy grabbed her playfully and pulled her in circles as fast as she could through the water. Rainbow giggled with an almost childlike delight.

Rainbow was exhausted by the time it came time to turn out the lights and crawl into bed that night. Sometimes Hildy stayed up a little longer than her either out in the living room watching TV or in bed reading, but she usually turned in when she did.

They lay in the darkened room, aware of each other but lost in her own thoughts. Without thinking, Rainbow shifted closer to Hildegard. Hildegard pulled her into her arms. She gently began to rub her back as she held her against her. Rainbow rested her head in the crook of Hildegard’s neck and let her nearly naked body warm to the other woman’s touch. She was slowly floating down into a deep sleep when she wondered once again about those rumors.

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