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  • March 18, 2021, 1:58 p.m.
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In a low moment, I decided to go to Lotus Tarot and see what the reading said.

…I did not expect what came out. I do not believe in the tarot or astrology at all, but fuck, if this reading didn’t exactly lay out how I’ve been feeling lately.

Card 1: How you feel about yourself

Perhaps you feel that everything as you have known it is falling apart. Unexpected changes and turmoil, end of a job, end of a career, divorce or end of a relationship, recovering from a bereavement or fear of bereavement.

Try not to worry too much: this time of absolute endings heralds a brand new beginning, a period of great transformation.

Card 2: What you want most right now
The Tower

You’re probably looking for an easy solution to a difficult problem. However in life, turmoil and upheaval often bring about positive change - just not quite as we would like it.

Seize this opportunity that is forcing change as a chance for a new beginning.

Card 3: Your fears
The Magician

If there’s a new man in your life you are probably asking yourself if he can be trusted. Or perhaps this is a man of influence in your life, a boss or adviser - take care in whom you place your trust.

If you are feeling disappointed and your romantic desires are unfulfilled at this time and you are wondering if they ever will be, don’t worry, this won’t last.

Card 4: What is going for you
The Empress

The harvest is here; you are entering a cycle of abundance, happiness and joy.

Creative energy is high so if you are considering starting a family, a new job or artistic endeavour this is a favourable time.

Relax and enjoy.

Card 5: What is going against you

Life will seem hectic and full of challenges and you will find it hard to have the right perspective on things.

You may have a rival in love or at work. Think about whether the relationship or the job is really right for you.

This is a time for being calm and patient and life will soon have a sense of normality again.

Card 6: The likely outcome
The Hermit

This is a time for you to be alone or may herald a time of loneliness. Take this time for quiet introspection and rest.

Don’t worry, you will find the answers, but the Hermit signals a warning not to make hasty decisions.

If you have been unwell this is a time for rest and recuperation.

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