First road test. in A small but passable life.

  • March 16, 2021, 11:50 a.m.
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I studied the wiring schematic for the scooter. I realized there was no switch on the schematic. The switch is located below the USB port inside the little cubby they call the phone holder. I turned the scooter on. I turned the left blinker on. I rocked the switch one way and it turned the stock LED left blinkers on. I rocked the switch the other way and it turned the added on left blinkers on. Same for the right side blinkers. Well, hell!

Problem solved I headed out the gate. Power setting #1 brought the scooter up to 20mph. Power setting #2 brought the scooter up to 32mph. Good enough. I’ll try power setting #3 later.

The road I chose to go to the library headed straight north then straight west with a speed limit of 35mph and a double yellow line and no shoulder. Perfect.

The round trip turned out to be 11 miles. The scooter used 36% of its battery, 99% down to 63%. That was full throttle with the cruise control on at power setting #2.

Now, after 111 trips at $17 per round trip with Uber, the scooter will pay for itself. But of course, this last stimulus check paid for more than 2/3 of the scooter. So, let’s just say I’m happy with the scooter.

I printed out some forms while I was at the library. I thought it was a whole bundle with everything I needed. It turned out to be only a last will and testament. It was $3.50. I need the other forms. Next time.

There was snow up on the Superstitions this morning. It is supposed to warm up to 60 degrees today. We’ll be in the upper 80’s by this weekend.

woman in the moon March 16, 2021

Glad the scooter is working for you.

Jinn May 05, 2021

The scooter was a good investment .

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