Let's Begin in Abiogenesis

  • March 12, 2021, 1:30 p.m.
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Another start. Another “this time”. Another revival of a phoenix that seems fated to never last for more than a week at at time. A pendulum that never ceases to swing. I feel at times as though I’m mocking myself in some strange way. (That’s because you are.)

But it is different. I know why. But I don’t care to share why. The key to this castle is mine, and mine alone this time. I’m surrounded by love and support. By people that would listen and care. And maybe that’s why I’m strong enough this time to keep this resolve solely to myself.

Maybe that won’t make sense to anyone but me. But that’s okay. It doesn’t have to. Because you see this is my fight. This is my time. My time to finally draw my weapon and stand against the storm. This cycle of death and rebirth ends now.

No more giving up. No more starting over. I’ve a future to carve for myself. A castle to build. And with the moon as my witness… There’s no turning back.

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