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  • March 10, 2021, 3 p.m.
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Who does the majority of the cooking in your house?
Me, myself, and DoorDash.

Are you happy with the cooking situation in the house? what would you change?
I am happy with it. Since I only have to worry about myself, I can cook anything I want, even if it turns out awful and I hate it. It also means that I can order anything I want, within the same parameters.

Who decides what meals to eat?

Do you menu plan, or choose day by day what to eat?
I will get obsessed with meal planning for a while, and plan all of my meals out weeks in advance… And then immediately forget about it and eat whatever is in my fridge.

How often do you have a takeaway?
More than I’d like, if I’m honest, but not so much that I’m actually worried about it. The last time I thought I was going overboard was in January, but that was just piss-poor luck on my end: My stove blew up at just about the same time I had to quarantine because of a COVID exposure.

When you eat out (in non-Covid times!) where would you go?
I’d usually go out with my parents, which was a bit limited (my stepdad is a good guy, but he is also a really picky eater). So usually, places like TGI Friday’s or, once in a while, a sushi joint just around the corner from their house. (Yeah, I know: Mr. Picky Midwesterner loves sushi. And not just California rolls, either; he’s all about sashimi.)

Describe your weekly menu.
Generally some type of pasta dish, something made with whatever protein was on sale (bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs get a lot of play in my kitchen, as do flat iron and chuck-eye steaks), some type of steamed veggie, and rice on the side.

How often do you go food shopping?
It used to be once a week, and then I got backlogged in January. Seriously, I’m still working through the $50 worth of frozen foods I bought before my stove blew up. Now, I just go if I need an ingredient, or if I see that one of my staples is running low.

Which supermarket do you normally use? why?
Fresh Thyme, because they have amazing prices on locally-sourced meat and produce. I’ve called it “Whole Foods for people with an Aldi budget” when describing it to friends who’ve never been.

How do you describe yourself as a cook?
Daring. Adventurous.

The Thirsty Oriental March 10, 2021

Fresh Thyme sounds interesting...

Starhawk March 11, 2021

I started getting produce and meat at Fresh Thyme a couple of months ago. I only go to the big-box stores when I need trash that FT doesn't sell...

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