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  • March 9, 2021, 9:06 p.m.
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Remember how I worked at KFC and they wouldn’t put me on the schedule so I got another job? My husband came home to ask if I was still interested in working there. A guy who recently got fired from Jewels knew I was working 2 jobs so I would put my schedule on the wall for Tanya to schedule me. When I rejected Jewel’s sexual advances he started hiding my schedule from the main boss hoping I would quit. I never put in a 2-week notice I just found another 2nd job. Tanya was cleaning her office found where Jewels hid my schedules. Jewels also sexually harassed the wrong woman and got his job terminated. Tanya sends home a card with my husband thanking me for working for the company and asked if I could please come back. Suddenly things make more

My boss Hilary at LG threatened to fire me over my car being in the shop. My rack and pinion are being replaced on it. She said I promised her I had a dependable car and months down the road my car should never break down. I told her I will get a ride to work. I have never been late there. Always been early and dependable to get there as scheduled but she still complains.

She only scheduled me 1 day this week and demanded me to quit Joann Crafts or she threatened to fire me again. I think what I do in my spare time has nothing to do with the company besides Joann Crafts made a mistake scheduling me late upsetting LG but LG was late doing their schedule after Joann Crafts. When Rob comes back from quarantine and Kathy no longer has control of the schedule there will be no more Kathy changing schedule without my consent. Rob will fix all this after he gets over covid! Rob works around LG but LG doesn’t play well with others.

If LG fires me all I have to do is call KFC and they will put it back on the schedule with them. KFC says whenever I am ready they need their good worker back! Funny how 2 companies love me. They knew I am dependable and willing to work around one another. LG hasn’t liked me since they hired me.

I talked to Tyler. He told me to transfer to his store that he would love to have me. I don’t know if Hillary will allow me to. Tyler said he would happily work around Joann Crafts he knows I am a dependable worker. Tyler is dating my friend Tella. Tyler has always been kind to me.

After I dropped my car off with the rack and pinion at the mechanic I hung out with Tella for the afternoon. Tella’s brother Eddie came to town with his kids. Eddie caught me taking a group photo and grabbed my butt. Eddie said he loved me to leave my husband so he and I can raise his kids together. Eddie has been in love with me since I met him when he was in high school and I was in college. I am 34 he will be 30 this year. I was out on the playground playing with his kids and hanging out. Tella’s son Ryan was playing with Eddie’s kids. I felt left out for not having a child but it simply isn’t in my cards.

Eddie asked why I don't have kids yet. I have been trying for years with my husband..nothing. Eddie told me to let him try. I rolled my eyes. Tella told him to quit. I felt bad to confess I have endometriosis and a decreased chance of having children. I was pregnant once in my 20s but miscarried no know knew till years later.

Justin, Tyler, Tella, Della, and Dee kept reminding Eddie that I am married. Eddie wanted to why didn’t I marry him. I reminded him he was with his ex-wife Tasha and polygamy is illegal. He confessed he would have dump Tasha brought his kids to raise if I just said so. Eddie still loves me after all their years. I am flattered but I never saw him as a romantic partner.Eddie is severely jealous of my husband.

I hung out the afternoon with my friends when I was dropped off at the house we were talking for my husband to come home from work. Talan thanked Tella and Justin for getting me a ride. When my husband heard Eddie was in town he asked if Eddie hit on me again. Tella told him yes. Talan was furious. I told him calm down. Eddie knows he don’t have a chance! God knows Eddie still tries!

I hope my car gets out of the shop soon. I hope my mom fixes her truck so she won’t depend on me to take her to the store. I am really grateful mom is helping me get my car fixed. I got $10.75 till payday..i hate being poor!

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