Falling Apart in Staying Connected

  • March 8, 2021, 2:47 p.m.
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Oh, my god, you guys. My body is in so much pain!

All from doing next to nothing.

The other day I was loading the dishwasher, and by the time I was halfway done loading the bottom rack I felt like my belly was about to burst apart from the ribcage down. That’s exactly where I injured myself during the last pregnancy (in the third trimester). Even just rinsing off the silverware and placing it in the dishwasher was killing me. How pathetic is that? I’m currently splat in the middle of my second trimester. God help me.

That was Saturday. Now it’s Monday and this morning I packed up my daughter’s water table (it’s 12 pounds) in a shopping cart, pushed it down to my car, loaded it up, drove it over to my in-law’s house, took it out of the car, rinsed it off with a hose, reloaded it, took it home, and carted it back up to my condo. I also washed and dried three loads of laundry (but haven’t put any of it away). And that’s IT (well that and took care of my daughter throughout this ordeal). And I feel destroyed over it. How am I supposed to get anything done??

My daughter fought her nap, which was frustrating. Everything hurts, and I really just needed to sit down. Luckily, she’s sleeping now. I just hope it lasts.

After she wakes up, I still need to put the laundry away and water my plants, at least. Tomorrow I’m planning on cleaning the bathtub if I can. It really seems like any goals that require any level of physical exertion have to be limited to one half day per week. Slow and steady wins the damn race, eh? Yeah, well, we’ll see. It seems like I could never keep up with anything even when I WASN’T pregnant.

The thing I am currently most excited about is my Target run tomorrow. I’m going to buy my daughter an Easter outfit and myself some new maternity jeans, since I’ve outgrown all the maternity pants I had from my first pregnancy. I think I’m about 5 pounds away from my highest weight last time, haha… and still with 18 weeks to go.

Here’s to hoping the loud ass lawn mower next door doesn’t wake my kid up right now…

Until next time <3

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