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  • March 5, 2021, 8:25 p.m.
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My husbands friends argued I didn’t need a horn for inspection to go see if I will fail. I told them a horn is considered safety equipment and is required for inspection. They ignored me. I got frustrated and started researching about a horn relay. Due to my Impala being a retired police interceptor the horn relay could take up to 8 days to come in. I decided to skip the horn relay and just go for a horn push button I could install on my dash. My husbands friends argued it wouldn’t work. I told them with the push button you are not required to have the horn relay that comes pre-installed in the car. They treated me as ignorant. My dad used to install these push buttons on his truck I know they work! I researched it tried to explain it to my husband for his friends to mock me that I am a YouTube mechanic. They said I shouldn’t jerry rig things. That I would make it look bad. As long as the horn works I don’t give a damn what if looks like.

I was being treated poorly because I am a girl. They criticized me for being a shade tree mechanic unlike Talan’s friend Dillion is a trained mechanic for the military. Dillion offered to help me after arguing for days that a push button horn shouldnt be put on my car. I told him don’t diss it if it works! I heard Dillion make the comment keep a woman in the kitchen let a real man work on cars. My husband muted his microphone when I screamed if he finds a real man show me obviously he is not it!

Last night I showed my husband a YouTube video tried to explain it to him. My husband snapped at me telling me to let a real mechanic fix it. I told him I learned how to fix it! If daddy was alive daddy would have let me work on my car. My dad believed equality for female mechanics when he was alive why not them?

While my husband slept this morning I went to mom’s and asked my brother to help me in case I made a mistake. Tom told me he would be back I sat an hour. Furious I grabbed my kit told mom screw this lets find a mechanic.

I went to several mechanic shops everyone was busy and didn’t have stickers. My mom cried to each mechanic about dad dying. I told mom we got to get it fixed before 4 or I can’t get an inspection sticker. At one shop I told her Rick the mechanic is driving her home that I don’t have time for the pitty party shit. Mom kept trying get sympathy for a mechanic to fix the car. I got irritated told her if she didn’t get to the car by the time I did she was walking home. Mom knew I was tired and not playing. I walked outside the shop to discover she dropped her debit card on the ground.. She is damn lucky I found it and gave it back to her.

Mom found a mechanic is lives the next street over from her house. I asked him to install the push horn for me. I handed him directions. He looked confused. I told him the horn is underneath the passenger side light and explained to him step by step how to install it the push button He looked at me in shock asking how I knew how to install it. I told him I help daddy install a push button on his truck years ago and I learned the rest of what I didn’t know on YouTube. The mechanic a professional confessed sometimes even he watches videos on YouTube when he is stumped on a project. He said I should become a mechanic that I am very smart.

My mom after the mechanic fixed the horn gossiped an hour I kept telling her to come on! She wouldn’t listen. I went to get a sticker they told me I was 15 minutes late. I almost cried.

My brother drove my moms truck without a drivers licence and got my moms truck impounded. My mom had me drive her over there and broke down crying when she realise not only did she make me miss my chance to get the sticker on my car my mom waited to long to get her truck. She now has to pay $100 for the truck being in impound for the weekend. Mom cried. I looked at mom and I told her I hope all the time she wasted gossiping to mechanics cost her $100 was worth it. I hope my damn car doesn’t get impounded over the damn sticker since I couldn’t get it inspected! Mom cried I got irritated and told her I loved her I am going home.

I come home and my husband Talan was furious with me. He demanded to know why I left him asleep. I told him just because I have a vagina doesn’t mean I am dumb. That I was tired of his friends not listening to me. Talan sent his friends the video I sent him. They realised I was right that I knew what I was talking about. They offered to fix it and got angry I sent it to another mechanic. I waited 3 damn days for them to realise I am right! All my life wasted proving a point I.know what I am talking about!

My husband and i went up the road so We can pay the rent. He had me honk the horn and said my jerry rig didn’t look half bad after all. I wanted to pull over and slap Talan hard! Days of arguments for him to realise this.. The first time I heard the horn honk in front of the mechanic I cried. I never heard the horn before. I tried so hard for days just to hear that damn horn!

Tomorrow I work 7 am to 3 at LG. Next day I work 10 am to 11:30 between both jobs. Joann Crafts tried to call me in after LG tomorrow but I got to go get my inspection sticker. I can’t wait till all this annoyance is over.

I am so damn tired. I try so husband has no idea how hard I fight to accomplish anything! My husband screamed maybe I should try to go to school to be mechanic. Maybe more girls need to learn..

Purple Dawn March 05, 2021

I'd be out beeping that horn every time your husband tried to get a nap.. just not enough to bother the neighbours.. :)

Deleted user March 05, 2021

Each and every one of those people who criticized you for learning something from YouTube and from using the knowledge you learn from your dad are all pieces of shit and do not deserve to have you in their life

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