Criticized for learning to fix car in ?

  • March 4, 2021, 10:06 p.m.
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So the tint is off my windows but the horn isn’t working. :( I tested the fuse previously and I suggested Talan we test the relay. I watched several youtube videos how to wire another horn in case I can’t properly fix mine. I was so excited and felt accomplished I think I figured out. Talan told me I am not allowed to Jerry Rig a push button. I told him if it works don’t diss it! Talan’s friend is a professional mechanic who apparently looks down on people who learn from youtube..well excuse me my daddy who was an amazing mechanic died! Daddy can’t help me! I teach myself repairs from youtube. My college degrees are not in automotive.

I was excited to explain to my husband what I learned and he said it is cute I am trying to understand but his friends will fix it. I felt like I was being downgraded because I am a woman. My daddy supported me learning. My dad never treated me differently than my brother during repairs! I hate being treated as ignorant just because I am female! I want my car to pass for a sticker! I need my damn horn!

If I ever have daughters I won’t stop them from learning. I would be so proud if someday I have a child who is a mechanic. I have seriously been debating on going to votech to learn but didn’t for fear of being criticized.

Ash March 05, 2021

I honestly believe that you should do what you want to do... It's your life, not theirs, they have no right in telling you what you can or can't do! It's good to learn something new whether it's for 'Man' or not... nothing in this world was intended for a specific gender... the only people who make it intended for one gender is man. Please don't let anyone put you down because of the things you did...

Deleted user March 05, 2021

He can't fix it himself he needs his friend to do it Maybe look down on himself if you have children with this man I will have CPS on the phone

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