Easter Prep for a Maddening Toddler in Staying Connected

  • March 4, 2021, 11:24 a.m.
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Guys, I love her, but my kid is driving me totally insane.

This morning she didn’t want to let me do anything. While I’m trying to brush my teeth? She’s crying. There’s nothing I can do that will make her stop, except maybe try to hold her in one arm while I brush with the other. NOT happening, little girl. When I’m trying to do my hair? Same scenario. Every few minutes for hours on end—whining, crying, begging, complaining. It’s simply not a pleasant way to start to the day.

Luckily, she’s at my in-law’s now and I get the rest of the day to live my life without that nonsense. Distance makes the heart grow fonder! The hard part about that is that by the time she gets home, I’m going to be exhausted, and it’s going to be dinner time—a notoriously difficult time at our house. So even with this time apart, I’m already not looking forward to what’s next for us. I can’t wait for this stage to pass.

One positive thing is that I have pretty much gotten Easter figured out. We stopped by Target this morning and I spent about $50 on things I think she will actually appreciate. For her basket, I got her a set of Baby Shark figurines (she loves the Nemo figurines I got her for Christmas), a Disney’s Rapunzel doll (she also loves Tangled), a book called You’re My Little Honey Bunny (she has You’re My Little Cuddle Bug and loves it), two bracelets, and purple grass for the basket, obviously. She’s made it clear that purple is the best color.

I also got new plastic eggs for the Easter Egg hunt and some Annie’s Easter fruit snacks to put inside of them. I’m not sure if she likes fruit snacks, but she likes her vitamins (which are fruity flavored and chewable) so there’s hope. Now I just need to get her a basket (likely at Dollar Tree), and I think I’ll get some Annie’s Easter cheddar bunny crackers to put in the eggs, too. She loves Gold Fish, so… close enough.

I discussed it with my husband, and I think we’re going to wait until next year to paint eggs. She’s still a little young to appreciate that part, and it’s too much hassle to deal with if she’s not even going to care.

We’ll probably go to my in-laws on Easter Day just to spend time with family. I think I’ll get my in-laws a bouquet of tulips and a luxury candle. Someone should have a luxury candle, haha.

Okay. Time for me to eat a snack (for some reason I’m starving…) and get to studying. Wish me luck! <3

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