Pms, exhaustion, gardening in ?

  • March 4, 2021, 5:39 a.m.
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Here I am awake and exhausted. I can’t sleep because of full body pains. I woke up early this morning in a puddle of blood. I had to wash my clothes. They are in the dryer now. I hope I get to sleep some before work. All my body hurts I am depressed I know it is just hormones so I cry a little and get over it. Every month I have to fight with my brain. It tells me harm and kill myself the week of my period. My logical side knows it is my pms making me suicidal and I just need to see the good and move forward. I take no medicine except midol and tums for my heartburn. I have been having chest pains but I have faith it is just from emotional distress because of the damn hormones! I really need to try to sign up for insurance again so I can see a gynecologist for my endometriosis.

In the spring I plan to grow a bucket garden on the porch at my mobile home. I hope growing fruits and vegetables will not only help us live healthier but also save us money on our grocery bill. Last time I grew a big garden was with my father many years ago. Dad died in 2018. I miss my daddy. With mom’s permission I might also make a big garden at mom’s. If I grow enough food I plan to share with friends and family. I think dad would be proud of this kindness.

I wonder if mom would teach me how to can. Mom has a cellar in her basement. I would love to can foods from my garden.

My husband has been talking about starting to hunt and fish for food. My mom has a massive freezer we can put the meat in. I really want a dehydrator so I can make jerky.

My mind is wondering. I am going back to bed hopefully I will find no more blood puddles in the morning.

Deleted user March 04, 2021

It seems your closest Planned Parenthood ( low cost free care ) is two hours from your town ... maybe move out of that backwards state idk maybe there is a county health dept... you can go to .... we know you're poor so you'll qualify for low or free health care

Deleted user March 04, 2021

you can't just sit around hoping for the day u can afford insurance there are low cost and free options google them find them take responsibility for your health ... no one else will

Deleted user March 04, 2021 family planning services will cover your pelvic exam and may be able to assist with medication for the endo

this search took me all of two seconds... I don't know the exact distance from your address but I know your town so... make a phone call ask and see you dont know if you don't ask

Lunchbox March 04, 2021

I agree with corpse. You really don't have to suffer like this for weeks every month. You can get low cost or free health care. Call Planned Parenthood, they are an amazing organization.

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