I cant... I just cant anymore in ?

  • March 3, 2021, 6:50 a.m.
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Pmdd destroys my quality of life.. I have been up and down with stabbing pains all over my entire body. I have already bled through 2 pads since last night. I can’t get comfortable. I am so tired. I have been crying and I fear if I ever have a daughter she would face this hell. My check won’t come in till later today. I can’t buy medicine. I can’t find my pain pills. I just wish I could sleep a couple minutes before work..I just need a break.

Miss nobody March 03, 2021

Ow! I am sorry... Stay strong please !

lessoff March 03, 2021

so i dont know how old you are or anything but i just had a hysterectomy on jan 28th im still healing (but back to work). im being told that in a few months ill think it was the best decision ever. by the way im 40. so im on the young side. of course if you are looking to have babies this wouldnt work.

Deleted user lessoff ⋅ March 04, 2021

the young side of what?

lessoff Deleted user ⋅ March 04, 2021

the younger side of having a hysterectomy.

Deleted user lessoff ⋅ March 04, 2021

oooh I've only know people who had them for med reasons early on 25 and another friend 31

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