Chapter 1 in A Rainbow in Munich

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Rainbow Judith Karson – yes that was her real name – waited in the hotel lobby for someone she was very excited to meet.

Nadja Keller.

Nadja was a cyber friend she’d met online last summer. Her reasons for wanting to meet her were simple. She had a crush on her. Nadja knew it too, and had expressed a mutual attraction for her even though she generally preferred men over women.

Rainbow was short, blond (not really) and had long thick curls to the crack of her ass. She was considering cutting it to her shoulders not just because it was a pain to deal with, but because she had to dye it regularly now that she was in her forties and showing hints of gray. Dying a couple of feet of hair was no easy task.

She had nothing in common with Nadja on the outside or as a person from what she could tell other than a love of learning languages. Then why was she so drawn to her? she wondered to herself. Why was she so damn excited – even blushing– at the thought of meeting the German native at her hotel in Munich?

You’re not exactly in the right frame of mind to try to figure anything out right now, she reminded herself. Nor do you have much longer to live, so to hell with why you’re so attracted to her. Just enjoy the moment until the end comes.

Ah, the end. Death was near and there was no escaping it. She wanted to die as much as she didn’t. But she truly believed she had no choice either way and so that was another thing she tried to convince herself not to worry about.

She squirmed in her chair and once again she looked down at the pink short-sleeved dress she wore. She was always self-conscious when meeting someone she liked. Once she was sure there were no shedded hairs or lint on it, she glanced in nervous anticipation at the hotel’s entry doors.

Come on, Nadja, I’d really rather not die before we get a chance to meet if only once and for five minutes.

But no tall, slim brunettes came through the double glass doors.

Rainbow glanced at the clock on the wall behind the receptionist who sat writing something behind the long counter. It was just after seven. In the email messages they had swapped earlier in the day, Nadja said she would be off work at 5:00 and at the hotel by 7:00.

The lights above the elevator began to flash. Someone was coming down it. A moment later the doors parted and two men speaking rapid German emerged. They exited the building, leaving Rainbow a bit saddened that she wouldn’t get the chance to learn more German so she could understand more than just a few scattered words, even though she thought the language was rather ugly.

Finally, a woman who looked like Nadja entered the building. Rainbow’s heartbeat sped up. She waited until the woman reached the interior set of doors before she rose from her seat. The woman, dressed in jeans and a black blouse, smiled at her.

Yes, it was Nadja. Tall, dark (sort of) and beautiful.

“Rainbow?” Nadja said in her thick German accent.

“That’s me,” Rainbow said with a smile of her own.

“You’re beautiful,” Nadja said, reaching out to hug her. “Much prettier than in your photos.”

“I can say the same about you,” Rainbow said, focusing her grassy green eyes upon Nadja’s blue-gray ones. And she meant it, too. There was no comparison between her stunning beauty in digital form versus in the flesh.

“It’s so nice to meet you.” She glanced around, then asked, “Where would you like to go, Rainbow?”

Good question, thought Rainbow. Shrugging she said, “Wherever you’d like. I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Well, I know you don’t smoke so how about we just hang around in the hotel lounge for a while?” Nadja suggested.

“We can do that, but it won’t kill me to put up with a little secondhand smoke for a night or two.”

Nadja smiled. “It’s ok. I could really afford to cut down anyway. So how did you like visiting Spain and Italy before you arrived in Germany?” she asked as they headed for the lounge.

“It was interesting. I liked it a lot.”

“And how were the other cyber friends you went to meet? As nice as you hoped they’d be?”

Rainbow nodded. “But I decided to save the best for last.”

Nadja chuckled. She had surprisingly white teeth for a smoker. “Best country or best cyber friend?”

“Definitely the best cyber friend. Sorry, Nadja, but Germany has real winters, and you know Spanish and Italian are my favorite languages.”

“Yes, I do know.”

“I can’t believe you’re forty-three,” Rainbow told Nadja as they entered the lounge.

Smiling she said, “And I can’t believe you’re forty-one.”

They sat at the bar in the nearly deserted lounge and glanced at the menu.

Rainbow hated to wear her glasses because she hated the way they looked on her and she also found them uncomfortable, but she had to pull them out of her purse nonetheless so she could read the menu, not that she expected to understand most of it anyway. She glanced at Nadja, who read it without glasses and said, “Do you still have good vision or are you wearing contacts?”

“Contacts,” Nadja said. “Can you understand the menu?”

“Not really. What are you having?”

“I was thinking of just some red wine.”

“That’ll work for me, too.”

They began to sip the wine and a few minutes later Nadja asked how long she would be in Germany.

“Uh, not long,” Rainbow said, choosing her words carefully.

Nadja frowned. “I’m confused, though. Meaning I’m not quite sure I understand your travel plans and when you’re returning to California.”

“I’ll be going back Friday night,” she lied. “So two more days here.”

“Freitag Nacht, huh?”

“Ja,” Rainbow answered in German. “I leave for the airport at 10:00.”

“Sorry I couldn’t see you sooner. What have you done since arriving in Munich a couple of days ago?”

“Sightseeing mostly.”

“April’s a good time of year for that,” Nadja said. “Not too hot, not too cold. Do any shopping?”

“Nah. I really only have money budgeted for airfare, food and hotels.”

“Must’ve cost a fortune.”

Rainbow nodded. “I sold something.”

“Sold something?”

“Yes, the car.”

“You sold the car?” asked Nadja, getting more confused by the minute.

“Unlike Carlos, I don’t drive, and the damn thing was in good condition despite the turmoil around it so I sold it.”

“Oh, I see.”

Rainbow smiled, trying to mask her true emotions and any hints of what she had planned. “I hope to see you again sometime before I leave.”

“Oh, me too,” said Nadja. “But I’m afraid I can’t make it tomorrow. How about Friday afternoon? I will be leaving work early that day.”

“Freitag Nachmittag it is,” said Rainbow.

“There’s just one small catch, I’m afraid.”

“What’s that?”

“Just like with tonight, I won’t be able to visit for very long.”

Rainbow was disappointed. She had really hoped to go out of this world with a satisfied libido.

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