My overdose fear, endometriosis, cussed at work,self serve only! in ?

  • Feb. 28, 2021, 10:47 p.m.
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My father died of a heart attack after my dad accidentally took his prescribed medicine to closely. He died in 2018 leaving a hole in my heart I am still trying to heal from. My husband today while angry said my dad overdosed to get away from my crazy ass mother. I looked my husband in the eye and told him he took that to far. I know my daddy is dead you don’t have to remind me every argument. I should have never told my husband about my dad’s accidental overdose. I miss my daddy everyday.

I am crying right now. I would give everything I own for my dad to be here alive with my mom again. My mom suffers from depression and mental illness I deal with mom’s crying fits about dad on a daily basis. Maybe I miss my calling I should have been a psychiatrist or a counselor. I am always calming my mom down because I know what words to say to her.. My husband knows all the wrong words that shake a person to there core.

I am suffering from endometriosis currently. I endure the pain because I fear I might die like my dad did. I try everything not to take pills. I refuse to even take over the counter medicines. My dad was a victim of circumstances I refuse to be a statistic.. Pms is so bad I can’t sleep at night.. If it wasn’t for energy drinks I would wreck my car by falling asleep on the way to work. Everything hurts so bad I can barely function.. Maybe a warm shower will help?

Today a man came to LG in asked me if I remember him from Kmart. I worked there from 2013-2017.That feels an eternity away. I told him honestly I don’t remember. He called me a fucking asshole in front of my boss. I told him I don’t remember but I will apologize to make him feel better. Later tonight I asked some friends who he is. He is a thief I caught stealing from layaway. I told my then boss what he was doing. I am an asshole because when he walked out the back door with stolen goods the police greeted him at the door while he was carrying stolen goods. We arranged a trap for him to get caught. I am an asshole because I help security catch him in the act! He is angry at me because he got caught.. Don’t commit the crime if you don’t want to pay the time.

Another man came into work and offered to do unwanted sexual advances to me while I was ringing his order. I told him no thank you. I am married. Much like this gas station his urges are self serve only. My boss busted laughing when I told him have a nice day and get the f-k out. My boss never saw me lose my temper before and told me it was the most hilarious thing she has ever saw. I bet they will be telling coworkers about that event laughing for years to come. They have no idea I have a terrible temper. I only try to remain calm for professionalism.

My friend Tella wanted me to visit after work but I was to tired. I came home and took me a nap after I activated my phone.

I work 1-9 tomorrow. My husband Talan is going to go get my car inspected. I hope it passes. I really need my car to get to both jobs.

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