Almost knocked myself out, hours cut, day off in ?

  • Feb. 26, 2021, 11:01 p.m.
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While at work I almost knocked myself out. I was putting cartons of cigarettes in a shelf I apparently got to close ran my head accidentally into the shelf. I hit myself so hard I stumbled back got light headed and laid my head down on the chair till the world quit spinning. The guy I was working with asked me if I was okay. I have a bruise right below my hairline and a small goose egg size lump. The guy teased me about my new bruise.. He asked if my husband will be upset by my new bruise. I told him I am so clumsy.. Bruises for me are inevitable. They asked if they needed to do an incident report. I told them no thank you I am to embarrassed.

I returned my fishing pole and my pants I got for my birthday. I really wanted them but i wanted to afford gas to make it to work for both my jobs more. I put a quarter of a tank of gas in my car and for breakfast I had antipasto salad. I hope between me and my husband we will have enough to pay the bills.

Both of my jobs cut me to 12 hours a piece so a total of 24 hours this week. I was getting much more so I am unsatisfied.. I am however thrilled for the first time in 2 months I am going to have a day off. I have no idea what I will do with myself.

Kristi1971 February 27, 2021

WHAT?? They lured you into the General only to cut your hours????

Deleted user Kristi1971 ⋅ February 27, 2021

She was not lured anywhere she signed up for a job they did not give her a contract stating the amount of hours she would receive a week and if they did give her that written contract then she needs to contact HR

Kristi1971 Deleted user ⋅ February 27, 2021

Of course, I know that. But that's what it feels like regardless.

Deleted user Kristi1971 ⋅ February 27, 2021

I mean it is def shady of them but also now with this injury and not doing an incident report ... it isn't up to the employee to do one or not it is managements responsibility legally so idk ... the jobs in that area suck I wish something decent would come up for her

Deleted user February 27, 2021

They need to write an incident report. Then they need to send you to their doctor. They will do a drug test. At that time the doctor will say you can return to work. If they cut your hours after all of that it is called retaliation. But since you declined to let them do a incident report which they are required to do it is not up to you you just lost out on anything and now they can cut your hours

Deleted user February 27, 2021

Even if you don't want to do an incident report it is the manager's responsibility to file an incident report regardless what you want

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