Watching the weaving in 1% better

  • Feb. 26, 2021, 9:05 a.m.
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The world, like an orchard full of bad apples, is teeming with villains, scammers, crooks and trolls. Human nature is imperfect. Humans, every one of us is flawed, some deeply so, patently and latently. Be on the lookout. Everyone is operating in their own self interest. Be especially vigilant online. Anonymity brings out the worst in people.

Life is, what it actually is.
Let’s get back to fundamentals.

Spring is in the air. I’m blinking out on the sidewalk, under the unfiltered sun.
My old neighbour used to have a couple of indoor cats. On rare occasions, she’d bring them outside and tether them to the deck post. I’d see them huddled, close to the ground, unsure, frightened out in the open, under the massive summer sky. That’s I feel. The hermitage is ending. I’m going out into the world with my bowl and sandals.

I sometimes think about watching TV in the 70s.
We’d watch Happy Days and then Lavern and Shirley. From the suburban 70s, the 50s seemed like such a different time, a different world, a comic world with funny clothes and hokey music.
And then, watching that 70s show in the early 00s, the 70s seemed so different than the early 2000s, also with funny clothes.

How long does it take for what is now cool and fashionable to become a punchline?

It’s not all bad. It is actually good. It is nice to see the passing of time.
And it is nice to see that time is not a constant. Time speeds up as we leave the past behind. Time always moves, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. But things, events, tangible and not build up. For example, in my grandmother’s lifetime, when she was born the Wright Brothers had not yet taken to the air. Before she died, we landed on the moon. That’s a big step if you consider it in the history of the world.

And now we leave the post-industrial age.
And now we begin to maybe leave pre-pandemic life…

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