My bullcrap birthday in ?

  • Feb. 26, 2021, 6:33 a.m.
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For my birthday it started out with cake in bed. We went to Dollar Day at Treasure Bins. I didn’t find anything. I was given a $15 Starbucks gift card so Talan and I drank coffee. We got Windys for Lunch so I had a salad.

I told Talan I had less than 30 minutes before work all I wanted was cupcakes. Talan said I had to have a fishing pole. I told him I can use one at moms house.. He kept pushing to get his way. He made me late for work. When I was walking through the store he kept lightly tapping me I told him to quit. He thought he was funny I was pissed off. One of the girls I worked at Little General with Felicia saw him harassing me till I almost cried.
Talan went on and on about wanting a fishing and hunting licences. I told him this is all the money I have in this world. We still have to pay rent, get gas for car. He said it is okay I am getting paid this weekend. Over and over again I said I was not. He still said he had to buy me a present. I rushed to work he promised to buy me a small present to spend all the money on fishing liscences. When he walked up handing me $60 at work after I had $300 I cried in front of my coworkers. He said no big deal get it out of my account. I told him that was all I had!
When Talan found out I didn’t get paid for another week Talan had a melt down and cried arguing with me. My boss asked him to leave because Talan wouldn’t leave me alone. I asked him if he could at least get my car washed.. He said that cost money..funny you had no problem spending most of it before now!
He left so I thought I had a break. Mom called crying about how Talan pointed out the mess in her house and made her cry. Talan came back and I told mom look I can’t handle this shit anymore. Mom asked me why I didn’t pay my phone bill. I said cause Talan spent all the damn money!
Talan was still crying saying he wanted to save my birthday he wanted to buy a gemstone kit.. I told him spend the rest so I can’t get to work when I lose both jobs he can walk to work to pay the bills.. I am fucking done.
We brought the kit home. I took a mallet and took turns chipping gemstones out of plaster. I asked him to go away and play videogames with his friends. He said I needed his attention cause it is his birthday.. I wanted so bad to tell him I hated him.. I am so done! Monday is coming. I plan to take half his damn check for what he did.
Oh and the fishing pole? Talan broke broke it rolling it up in the window promised he can fix it.. All I wanted wanted was my car washed and a tank of gas for my birthday his dumb was wanted the fishing and hunting licences. I just wish he go away to his mom’s a while and just give me a break!

I can’t get my inspection sticker because he spent all the money while I am at work.

Purple Dawn February 26, 2021

I'd beat him with the broken fishing pole :/

Deleted user February 26, 2021

I think you should send him to his mother's for a while and then move into the house across from your mother and at that time he can come back. Your manager should have put a trespass out on him for coming to the job in the first place

Lunchbox February 26, 2021

What exactly does he bring to the relationship? It seems like he just acts like a spoiled teenager and not a partner.

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