Today my birthday,locked out car, moving soon in ?

  • Feb. 25, 2021, 6:43 a.m.
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I hope my birthday today is better than yesterday. Yesterday I was getting my mail before work. I heard my car beeping I assumed I left the lights on! I locked the door. I went in checked the mail came back to discover my keys and cell phone locked in the car! I thought about it took my packages and started walking. I crossed 4 lanes of traffic. I was 15 minutes late to work at Joann Crafts. I told my boss what I did and he laughed.. Honestly after being done mad at myself I laughed too.

I called my mom and told her what I did and I asked her if she could get my copy of my key out of her safe. Mom said no problem. Mom later came into work handed me my scissors to cut fabric, my phone and keys. I told her how grateful I am for her help and I loved her. Mom asked if she could borrow my car to run chores. I told her no problem! I am at work anyway.

After work mom bought me a rotisserie chicken and a red velvet cake. She told me name anything I want for my birthday I will have it.. Not thinking I asked if I could have socks. She laughed at me. Mom said think bigger.. I said idk ice cream for my cake? Mom said her renter who has lived in mom’s mobile home for 12 years is moving to Georgia in the summer and offered to give me a 3 bedroom 2 bath mobile home across the road from her house.. She said the condition is I help her fix the mobile home at the mobile home park I currently live in so she can sell it. She also asked me to help her mow the grass at her house and regravel her driveway.

My brother who just recently lost his job with the school system has informed mom he is moving after using her over 2 years. My mom doesn’t want to be lonely so she is moving me next door. I don’t know when he is leaving but after Tom lived there over 2 years rent free he clogged the sewer line, punching holes in the walls, tore up the floors he told mom good luck fixing it. He also broke the tub. Mom is talking about whether to fix it or simply tearing it down. He ran a thousand dollar power bill illegally in my name.

Stole thousands from mom and even went as far as hitting my mom during an argument. I told him if he ever hits mom again I will put him in jail for elderly abuse. There is garbage all over the property he brought it in. He decided to leave that for me to clean. Gee thanks bro!

Some of Talan’s friends says Tom has been buying pills from local dealers. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised. They thought I would be angry with them I told them thanks for the information. I am so damn glad I am drug free. Life is so much simpler because if it.

Before I move in that mobile home I plan to rip up all rugs. Put down vinyl or tile. I plan to repaint and fix what needs repaired. It might take me a while between 2 jobs. I got a feeling it will be early to late fall before I truly move in. I am fine with that. I want to do it right the first time.

Sorry for such a long entry. I had no idea I had so much to say!

Purple Dawn February 25, 2021

That's horrid that you're going hungry at times and your husband is buying pills :/
If you move to your Mom's yard will he move with you?
Take care, you deserve to be happy.

Kristi1971 Purple Dawn ⋅ February 25, 2021

Tom is her brother, not her husband.

Purple Dawn Kristi1971 ⋅ February 25, 2021

Yes, Talan is her hubby. I'd beat him with a short stick. jmo. Take care,

Purple Dawn Kristi1971 ⋅ February 25, 2021

or a sharp one

Kristi1971 February 25, 2021

Well happy birthday! A new place to live/change of scenery could be good! :)

noip February 25, 2021

Happy birthday !! I honestly thought you were older; I guess you just seem like a wise soul. Congrats on the new place; it's nice when things kind of fall into place. :)

Deleted user February 25, 2021 (edited February 25, 2021)


It's probably cheaper to tear down and have whatever Tom ruined hauled away. If it's damage to the pipes and or wiring ... if it's just the tub she can replace that cheaper... but either way the place Tom is squatting ( bcz he doesn't pay bills) will need to have the carpets pulled up if there are carpets and bug bombed ... beware when u bug bomb it those bugs are gonna move somewhere... to your mom's house if it's in the same yard...

Deleted user February 25, 2021 (edited February 25, 2021)


Maybe Talan should have a spare car key in your mom's safe too

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