Intoxicated,birthday eve,found car keys! Yay! in ?

  • Feb. 23, 2021, 11:38 p.m.
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I am a little bit intoxicated. I drank Winking Owl sweet red wine.I stayed in my bed and talked to my friend Kevin on the phone. At the end of our conversation I apologized because I knew I was sluring. He laughed and thought I was funny.

My birthday is the 25th. I am going to be 34. I will be working Joann Crafts 3-8 pm on my birthday. I am so grateful Little General gave me that day off. I plan to bring them snacks to celebrate. My husband Talan promised to cook me a steak dinner.. I hope he cooks me a nice meal.

I need to go to bed I work 10-3 at Joann Crafts today. I found Talan’s car keys accidentally looking for my fabric scissors before work. It was between the center console and my seat! I am so damn excited I am no longer his taxi.. I could almost cry.
Night yall.

Mr. Mofo February 24, 2021

Congrats on no longer being a taxi.

Steak and eggs or steak and potato?

*_* Mr. Mofo ⋅ February 24, 2021

I like both but the eggs must be only the whites.

Kristi1971 February 24, 2021

Yay for car keys!!

Deleted user February 24, 2021

Good now he can look for another job as well and have two jobs just like you.

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