Livid in Day to Day

  • Feb. 24, 2021, 12:51 a.m.
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I’m so fucking mad, y’all.

The new contractor came out and checked things out to put together a quote. He pulled off some boards (with permission, of course) and showed me exactly what Contractor #1 did badly that was resulting in serious damage. OMFG I’M SO GODDAMN PISSED. Seriously, it’s such stupid shit. NEVER AGAIN.

Woooooosaaaah. I’m literally vibrating, I’m so aggravated. BUT. Good news, it seems like it won’t take more than we can afford to get it fixed, and I’d much rather get it fixed before the damage spreads. He is cautious and wants to take a better look before saying definitely how much it will be, but omg. I can feel it. We’re this close to being done with this damn project and having our wonderful back yard that I’ve been wanting.

I’m dreaming of a beautiful, finished patio, smooth yard, nice grass.... yes, boring, domestic dreams, but I’m basically a troll and I just want a pretty bridge to hunker under and avoid people.

In other news, our new marital aid came in. 🤣 After getting it out of the box and everything assembled, I am not disappointed! At first it seemed like a really small box, but it turned out the main pieces were rolled and vacuum-sealed, so were much smaller in the box than they puffed out to be. Maybe I’ll get my frustration and anxiety out later.

My kid is not helping my stress. UGH. Love him so much, but omg. I need a drink.


KittyGotClawz February 24, 2021

I’ve had horrible luck with contractors here 😒

The Thirsty Oriental February 24, 2021


marital aid. hahahaha

Lucretia February 25, 2021

Be great if you can get the project finished OMG the end is in sight!

Jinn 7 days ago

I have never had any luck with contractors ; they overcharge , don’t show up , do shit jobs , and nickel and dime you every chance they get. The only decent one I had was through Lowe’s to do my kitchen and he made mistakes but Lowe’s made sure it was corrected. I made up my mind then I would always go through Lowe’s because they guarantee the work.

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