Done did it. Two its. in A small but passable life.

  • Feb. 22, 2021, 9:59 p.m.
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Sunday I Ubered (Uberd?) to the pot shop that is only 3.3 miles away. I found and purchased a 1/4oz of Lava Cake POP for $50. And it has taken so long for pot to be legalized that now I get a senior discount. You can’t make this shit up.

Spent $19 on Uber to buy $50 dollars worth of weed. This experiment in recapturing youth is off to a really good start. That was supposed to be sarcastic until I remembered how much gas we use to burn just driving around looking for weed.

And today I called the credit union (I congratulated Keisha for her promotion to manager) and had the limit raised for the day on my debit card and then got online and ordered the scooter. A little while later, Torrie, the salesgal at the scooter place called me and thanked me for the order and said that they’re shipping immediately.

And I wasn’t high at the time. So I can’t blame the purchase on being really stoned. I was sober. Stone cold.

And that reminds me. Cory from Sweetwater called a couple of days ago asking how my order arrived. I told him “Perfectly fine!” like I say when he calls after every order.

I’m still moving money around. At least until the arrangement looks logical. I’m going to keep the local Wells Fargo checking account open, with not much in it. I’ve already closed the two savings accounts and equally distributed the money between my brother, my sister’s three kids, and myself. I mailed the last three checks today.

We’re still waiting on the annuities pay-out checks.

Nearly three months later and I’m still doing paperwork.

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