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  • Feb. 22, 2021, 9:50 a.m.
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My wake-up time was 4am. My coffee was ready to go. By 9am, I had accomplished everything on my to do list, got a good shower and shampoo, and out the door I went. They are having a HUD meeting in the community room. Cory was outside. I will refresh your memory. He was an acquaintance from last Fall, and it did not last very long. I waved at him. He did not respond. Later, as I was going back in the building, I asked him how he was. I gave him a thumbs up, after he gave me a thumbs up, and then I went back inside. Whatever. My daughter called off today, due to yesterday’s funeral of her half-brother. She needed a day to recuperate. More later.

Purple Dawn February 22, 2021

Have a wonderful day :)

chocolatechip Purple Dawn ⋅ February 22, 2021

And you as well. :)

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