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  • Feb. 22, 2021, 9:13 a.m.
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Here I am waiting for my husband to get ready so I can take him early to work so I can attempt to deposit my check I have been trying to deposit for almost a week. Now he has made me late to Joann Crafts job 2 times this week. I told him get his shit in order or I will start leaving him and he can walk to work. He thinks I am playing. He has no idea how tired of him playing his stupid games. I have laid out everything he needed. Will I get my deposit in my account will I be to work on time? I don’t know. This is what happens when you are married to a man with oppositional defiance disorder.

I have $8 in my bank account. I really need that check deposited. Yesterday I bought a few facemask. One has skulls the other has the radio active symbol on it! I love fun masks. I also bought a book to teach me how to fit patterns better on curvy frames. Talan took my last $28 and bought food at the gas station for him to eat. He bought cookies that lasted like dog biscuits on accident..ew! We shared the food he bought.

I will be working on my birthday. I plan to bring my coworkers at Joann Crafts some snacks so everyone can celebrate with me. I only work 12 hours at Little General this week because I work 4 days at Joann Crafts. I am covering some of Susan’s shifts so her and her boyfriend could have a vacation in a nice log cabin. Lucky her! I wish my husband did romantic things.

My husband while I was at work yesterday kind enough to clean out half my car! He was going clean out the whole car but he fell on a patch of ice and hurt his wrist. He refuses to go to the hospital he squals in pain every time he twists it and it is bruised.. I hope he gets better.

We found a letter on the door I was terrified it was an eviction notice. Come to find out the landlord was giving advice how to stop pipes from busting during the winter. The landlord said several people in the mobile trailer court had their pipes bust under their trailers. I am not surprised. Talan caught our hot water line before it froze completely. The moment it starts snowing we start trinkling sinks to save our pipes.

Ziggy my Siamese cat slept on Talan’s wrist last night. Talan said today his wrist feels tons better. I heard cats purrs gives off a frequency to heal their owners. Coal and Harley took turns during the night sleeping in the bed. Early this morning I went outside the bedroom to pet Ash. He isn’t allowed in the bedroom because he sprays. I really need to neuter him. I got the paperwork but between 2 jobs no time to run him to the vet.

I am so tired. I didn’t sleep well. My endometriosis has been hurting me. My husband told me to ignore my pms it will go away. You can tell he doesn’t know what it is like to bleed. He said mind over matter.. One of these days i am going to buy a tens unit and see who handles pain more..me or him.

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odd is a diagnosis given to children you might need find another therapist

Lady of the Bann February 23, 2021

THink my husband had that ODD.

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