And yet again... in Day to Day

  • Feb. 21, 2021, 5:56 p.m.
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Our power is out. Again. Omg.

At least it’s an agreeable 65° out (yes, over 50° warmer than a few days ago…)

Texas weather…


Followup: it only lasted three hours this time, yay! 🙈

Last updated February 22, 2021

Two Hermits and a Cat February 21, 2021

65 is still plenty chilly if it manages to get that cold inside! Hope this is a wake up call to the powers that be to make sure this never happens again!

TX Tornado Two Hermits and a Cat ⋅ February 21, 2021

When our power kicked back on after a day and a half of being off, it was 54 inside, so we'll be fine. I'm kinda worried the house will get stuffy.. 😆

Lucretia February 22, 2021

Bloody hell!

Jinn 7 days ago

Glad it was only that long.

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