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  • Feb. 19, 2021, 10:17 a.m.
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The COC was received and processed by the BMV, and my license is valid again. I spoke with a representative and told them I’d never received any notification about any of this. They say they sent a notice. I never got it. There’s more here than “it got lost in the mail” or “it got thrown out.” For starters, I wouldn’t throw out mail from the BMV. For another, I know the post office has been royally screwed by DeJoy (terrible name) in the last year, but six weeks between my license being suspended and me finding out, with no indication or notice in between, is ridiculous.

Also, I double-checked to see if I had legitimately done anything wrong. Spoiler: No. And the reason they gave me that, in spite of following the law and providing valid proof of insurance, my license was suspended for “driving without insurance”? According to them, there are some people who get insurance just long enough to buy and register a car, then let it lapse.

Okay, let’s take ten drivers off the road and ask them for proof of valid insurance. I guarantee you that most of them will have valid, paid insurance as of today. Depending on where you are, that could be all ten of our theoretical drivers.

I understand that one bad actor usually spoils everything for everyone else, but those odds are so long, Vegas wouldn’t take them.

When I said, “Doesn’t the BMV have ways of checking if someone’s proof of insurance is valid?”, they said yes. I said, “So you could have contacted my insurance company directly and asked for a certificate of compliance from them?”, and they said they could have. “So how did I end up with my license suspended for not carrying insurance?” Well, apparently, they just never contacted my insurance. That, they say, was my job.

To which I said, “Okay, look. I followed the law to the letter. I provided license, registration, and valid proof of insurance. I moved on with my life, like anyone would have. What possible reason did I have to think that my license could be suspended, after that?”

And, the person I spoke to agreed. Anyone would have moved on with their life after that. No one would have any reason to think, even briefly, “my license might be suspended after I provided my license, registration, and proof of insurance, especially if all were valid at the time.”

And really, I’m just sitting her, thinking about how completely fucking lucky I’ve been since January 3rd. I haven’t been pulled over, I haven’t gotten into any other accidents, I have flown completely under the radar. If none of that was true, I could have lost both of my jobs. If none of that was true, I could have lost my financial aid. My entire life could have been ruined.

All because I followed the law.

Do you see what I mean when I say there’s no justice in this system? I followed the law to the letter, and I still got my license suspended. Which means that, from now on, if I get pulled over or get into an accident, I’ll be paranoid that my license is going to be suspended for doing the legal thing. There’s no longer any reason for me not to think that I’ll be perfectly fine as long as I follow the law. Because I did, and I got fucked over for doing it.

This is insane. Nobody who lives a lawful life should EVER have to be afraid that they’ll be punished for doing so. NOBODY.

girl in recession February 19, 2021

💯 the system is broken

Lobbastah February 19, 2021

Incompetence is excused away these days. Just look at the former pres... nah. Too easy.

My bf went to renew his ID/license last year; they gave him a paper to prove he was legal (which he lost ::eyeroll::) and said they'd mail him his new card. He still hasn't received it. When he called to check on it this morning, they said they mailed it out on December 8. They're sending a new one... wonder how long that'll take to get here!

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