Authentic Mexican Food, Godzilla, and Good Sleep in Staying Connected

  • Feb. 17, 2021, 2:39 p.m.
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Right now the only thing that is missing from my life is alcohol. God, what I would do for a glass of wine. Or a margarita. Other than that, though, things are running pretty smoothly around here!

Yesterday was our date night, and we had a really good time. We went to the Main Street in Seal Beach, walked the pier, and then dined at one of the authentic Mexican restaurants there. We both enjoyed our meals, and then we walked a few doors down to Cold Stone and grabbed some ice cream. I got French vanilla with fudge. We came home and decided to watch the new Godzilla movie. Sadly, I only made it halfway through before I was about to pass out.

I got to sleep the whole night through with no interruptions, a rare luxury these days. It was especially nice to sleep in—like, truly sleep in. Usually when I “sleep in,” I feel guilty knowing my husband is out in the living room with our daughter, waiting for me to wake up so he can get to work OR I am completely unconscious when my daughter barges in, either because my husband was neglecting her (and has no idea she’s walked in on me) or because she’s otherwise unhappy with him (and he’s right behind her, half-heartedly telling her not to wake me). So yeah, truly sleeping in was pretty awesome.

The sexy time never happened, but I don’t think either of us are really missing it at this point. We discussed possibly trying to make up for it tomorrow. Because we slept in so late, there was just no time to squeeze it in since today is a work day for both of us.

The only other thing that is on my mind today is my recent discovery that air conditioners that are not built-in and don’t require a window exist! I had no idea. I mean, I knew you could makeshift an air conditioner, but I didn’t know they make real, heavy-duty standing units called swamp coolers. How has this gone totally over my head? I really have no idea. Anyway, it’s an exciting discovery, because it resolves my fear of sweating to death with a newborn this summer. I would have bought one already, but my husband says he wants to research it before I make any big purchases. I think I’m going to set a deadline for him to do his research by this Sunday. Otherwise—I know my husband—he’ll just never do it and the weather will eventually get hot and, like every summer in California, all of the a/c’s will sell out. I am NOT letting that happen.

Life is good. Until next time <3

PS I heard California is the only state in the country that isn’t currently enduring some kind of freezing weather. That combined with the sound and feel of the ocean last night makes me feel some kind of deep satisfaction. It’s as though all of the financial pain is finally paying off. That being said, I know a lot of people out there are really suffering right now. I hope every one reading this is managing to stay safe and warm <3

Last updated February 17, 2021

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