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  • Feb. 17, 2021, 10:23 a.m.
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You are either moving toward something or moving away. There is no true unchangeableness as somethings are always in motion and those can be measured in relation to you. Like that old bit about the same man cannot cross the same river twice, because both the man and the river have changed in the interim, no matter how long that was.

It was more than twenty years ago that I started my first online diary. It was on a site called Diaryland, which last time I checked, was still there. Back then, I remember that struggled to write 100 words. I mean I really struggled. Both mentally and physically, as I had never really gotten very far with diary writing on paper and my typing skills were nearly non-existent.

I quickly moved over to Open Diary, a platform much more robust with diarist and comments and soon some bells and whistles that I appreciated looking at but rarely used.

I started my diary in Taipei, my last year in Taipei as it turns out. And then continued it as I readjusted to living in Canada after more than a dozen years away. I started my first job at the 100-year old house with a second story view of Bread Truck Road and then into the Mississauga logjam. Finally I wrote about my life at The Daily Planet and being sucked up into the mothership.

Having a diary is like traveling through time.

The reasons I didn’t get along with my boss were many. (Eye roll) Middle management is so psychotic. But what brought the whole thing out was when Boss Curly found my OD where I had written unfavourable things about him. I did it in a comical and entertaining way, but frankly it was pretty raw and as Crazylegs pointed out, he wanted everyone to cherish him. Teflon-man did not cherish bossman. That’s a fact. I never did punch Mr. Limestone in the face for letting that cat out of that bag.
But that’s when I hung it up.

A Pedestrian Wandering February 17, 2021

I don't write about the specifics of work for the same reason, though I long to lay it all out there. I just know there are lawyers sniffing the wind.

Sho A Pedestrian Wandering ⋅ February 17, 2021

I was young and careless. Lesson learned

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