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  • Feb. 13, 2021, 2:55 p.m.
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Could morons with too many kids and not enough funds to pay for them just STOP breeding? Just for a minute?

That’s two announcements in a week, both from dental assistants I’ve worked with, who make shit wages, one of whom just quit her job. Do people have something against birth control? Yes, we’re not currently using it, but we’re actually pretty well set for another kid. When we weren’t? BIRTH CONTROL. ALL THE BIRTH CONTROL. Ugh.

Yes, I’m being judgy (judgey?) about other people’s lives. I get tired of people bitching about paying their bills and having no money and then ‘oh yay, we’re having another baby!’ Sorry y’all, I can’t be forwardly bitchy on FB, so it comes out here. I’m still waiting to see if Ashley (whose wedding I attended) is pregnant. That one I would be ok with. Her hubs is adorable with her (and her daddy would bury him in an unmarked grave if he wasn’t.) I don’t have that problem.. I got shovels, I can dig my own holes. Anyway. There might be some bitterness over my own apparent inability to get knocked up, but I’ve been decidedly judgy about people’s stupid choices for most of my life, so there you go.

Just caught up on Spanish.. did the first test, which I’m annoyed was not nearly as direct from the homework as her last ones, but I got an 89 (which is like a 75 for me) but whatever. She’s not teaching, so I’m not learning and I refuse to feel guilty about not killing myself trying to teach myself Spanish. I am currently making myself ill with V-day chocolate because it’s delicious. We may let the murder muffins maraud around the house while we’re just sitting here doing not much. (I would say ‘doing nothing’ but I’m technically doing homework and he’s being a totally responsible and respectable adult and studying for his next CPA exam.)

Ooo. Y’all. He bought me Red Velvet Baileys. I don’t even know what to do with it and I’m excited. Obv we need to get back to our improved diet next week, but we are having a fun, tasty, dirty weekend for v-day. I think I’m going to give him his present today (and thus get mine today.) I hope they’re pretty!


Jigger February 13, 2021

Judge all you want. I judge the shit out of people having ill-considered children.

Two Hermits and a Cat February 13, 2021

Yeah, I get that sometimes accidents happen, but I can’t fathom intentionally having a baby (or at least not bothering to try NOT to) when you can barely afford the ones you have already.

Although, this does remind me of one individual I weekend she was saying “people shouldn’t have kids they can’t afford.” In a later, unrelated conversation, I expressed finances as one reason for my hesitation in having kids and she said “Oh, no one thinks they can afford kids, but you figure out a way to make it work.” Just can’t win with some people!

loved-one- February 13, 2021

Ugh, I have two cousins who have both never worked a day in their life and each have 6 or 7 kids, I worry so much for those kids, they are living in relative poverty but that doesn't seem to stop them. Enjoy your valentines weekend!

Jinn February 14, 2021

I have the same attitude. If you can not afford them, don’t have them. I do not understand the lack of the sense of responsibility. I had my oldest son a month before I was 18 and I worked my butt off to support him with no help except my MIL babysitting so I could work and go to school full time. He was not planned but I made sure I did not have another child for 14 years . I did not want one before that and I knew I could not afford one either.

Deleted user February 14, 2021

Everyone should stop having kids for 3 years

Lucretia February 14, 2021

A diet that doesn't let you have any fun is an eating disorder. Enjoy the treats!

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