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  • Feb. 10, 2021, 4:54 p.m.
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Daughter called this morning. She said it is cold back there in the Ozark’s. Right now at 4pm it is 18 degrees there and 72 degrees here.

My afternoon napping while NPR drones on has been interrupted by the trial coverage.

My Instacart order yesterday took three hours to arrive. Peggy had spent 56 minutes shopping. I found out later she was filling three separate orders. And then she called saying she was lost in the park. She finally found the place. I guess I need to go on the website and add more directions to what is already there.

That is why I hop the wall and go across the street to the Chevron station to call an Uber.

Anyway, I’m set on groceries for another couple of weeks.

My grocery bill for January was $94.54. I should be able to hit that mark again this month.

I’ve stopped buying ice-cream, cookies, cake, pies and chips.

My total transportation cost for January was $16.83. That was two Uber rides.

I won’t be spending any more money on more crap I don’t really need until that $1400 arrives. I’ll subtract the little bit I went over the $600 on the last stimulus deposit.

It’s been two months and a week since Mom passed and I’m still working on getting all her affairs in order. A few more items on the to-do list left. Mainly waiting on the mail.

Anyway, window is open. Heat is off. Clock on the table beside my chair says it is 75.2 degrees in here. I can live with that.

Emily February 10, 2021

Amazon Fresh is what I use for grocery delivery, if Instacart gives you any trouble.

Jealous of your grocery bill 😭

Neogy Titwhistle Emily ⋅ February 11, 2021

How much does it cost? I've only had 3 deliveries so far. No real problems. I've already paid $99 for a year of deliveries so I have plenty of time to shop for a better price or delivery options in general. Jealous? Don't be. My diet is unhealthy, bland, and simple! Therefore cheap?

Emily Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ February 11, 2021

Oh I didn't know instacart had a yearly fee. Definitely keep using it since you already paid for it! Amazon only charges a fee if it's a last minute order, otherwise just a tip for the driver.

Jinn February 11, 2021

I wish our grocery bill was like that :-)
You spent your money well :-)

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