Irritated By Others in Staying Connected

  • Feb. 10, 2021, 5:42 p.m.
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Things with my husband are about 3,000% better. Like I mentioned in a previous entry, I think the downward spiral was the result of my husband not getting enough sleep. He classifies it as “falling behind at work,” but I believe he would never have fallen behind if he’d made the necessary adjustments in order to get enough sleep. I try to keep in mind that its easy to point fingers, though. I know I’ve done stupid shit that’s thrown me off for a couple months before, so I think I can let this go.

Morgan’s crib arrived yesterday, which is exciting; although, we probably won’t be able to assemble it for another two weeks. This weekend the goal will be unloading the dresser and taking it over to my in-law’s. I’m hoping they’ll let us store it at their house until we move. Once we get a house of our own, we’re probably going to need to buy some new furniture, so anything we can hold onto now will save us money then. His mom seemed a little skeptical about storing the dresser, which I found mildly triggering. They are three people who live in a four-bedroom house with a garage and a large backyard. I could easily find a corner to shove the dresser in where they wouldn’t even notice it. But whatever. I should focus on the fact that they already do A LOT for us, which is also true.

I get irritated anytime I see people who have more than I do taking their shit for granted.

Speaking of being triggered, yesterday I talked to my sister on the phone and she was all excited to tell me about how she got her three year old son in a “school” with a one-on-one teacher two days per week for free! At first I was like, wow! That’s incredible. How did you do that? When she told me it was because she’s “low income,” I was like… wtf are you talking about?

She and her husband BOTH work full time at good jobs. “Good,” as in they pay significantly above minimum wage. I mean, I get it if they don’t want to classify themselves as “upper class,” but they are easily middle class. I talk with clients all the time about free resources for low-income families, but I’m usually talking to single parents without a job, or single income families who work for minimum wage. That my sister is trying to classify herself as low income genuinely pisses me off. Not to mention, she’s in the same boat as me getting six-figure loans from daddy!

It makes me mad for several reasons:
1. She’s either lying to herself, lying to me, or both.
2. She’s taking advantage of the system, making a bad name for people who actually need those resources.
3. I think she may have actually deluded herself into believing she’s low income, which is what my mom did all my life. See the single sentence paragraph above.

Guess what else. I found out from my mom earlier that same day that my sister just got a new SUV because fitting carseats in her car made it feel cramped. It’s the EXACT same scenario I was in, but do I get a new car? No. Because I can’t afford it. And I’m NOT low income.


Anyway. I better get started on my day. Happy Wednesday, Prosebox! <3

Last updated February 10, 2021

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