Wicked Game in Day to Day

  • Feb. 10, 2021, 11:33 a.m.
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The cover of Wicked Game by Theory of a Deadman grabs my heart and squeezes it. I freakin’ love it. Add on that it came on right after Brent Smith serenading me with Shinedown and Apocalyptica and I’m in tunes heaven. 🎶🎧❤

It’s been a crazy morning, y’all. Some dumbfuck passed me on the left on a 2-land road as I was trying to merge left to turn into my neighborhood, after tailgating me for almost a mile. I’m in my MIL’s truck and the speeds don’t feel the same, but I wasn’t going that slow. So I almost sideswiped this douchebag. Then I got home and found a loose dog running amok, a gorgeous old silver-faced black lab. She was such a doll! Luckily we found her owner quickly on the neighborhood page. She made me feel better. Thomas’s car will be ready to pick up later, so I decided it was the day to get shit done. I loaded up the back of the truck with recycling to drop off, (I filled that bed up) and thankfully the rain kept away long enough to get it loaded, covered, and dropped off. Then the truck’s driver window got stuck open. Omfg. 🙈😂 Found the spot on the door to bang on to get it to work again, but y’all. That moment of terror. 🤣 So after that I went to Lowes and picked up about a dozen 40ish lb bags of dirt components for my garden bed. OMG MY SPROUTS ARE COMING IN! I’M SO EXCITED!! Their little spindly stalks make me so happy! Anyway, got that bought and loaded into the truck all by myself and decided I’d earned a (sugarfree, low carb) latte. Got to starbucks, the girl taking the order was super sweet. Poor thing accidentally charged me foer the car behind me because the car in front of me had paid for mine. ❤ I told her don’t worry about it. I had enough on the card and it’s double star day anyway 😄. That was all before 11am.

And now here I am, in the truck waiting to pick up Nathan. I need to clean my house and finish up homework, ugggh. But I’m caffeinated and energized from already getting things done, so there’s hope for me yet. My garage already looks a lot better from clearing out the slew of cardboard. (Unrelated, there is obviously a line of cars parked a ways back from the school entrance out of courtesy, and all these fuckers start toodling in and parking directly in front of the building like we aren’t already lined up down the street… Those assholes better have a good reason for being dicks…)

Guys… There is a ❄ on my weather forecast for next week. Wtf is happening here. 😆


Jinn February 10, 2021

That is a full day at 11:00 AM :-)

Lucretia February 11, 2021

I need to look up that cover, the original version is great so I'm interested to hear it.

Ooh snow! Yey

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ February 11, 2021

I adore the lead singer's voice. ❤

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