Midnight Freak Out in Staying Connected

  • Feb. 9, 2021, 10:56 p.m.
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As its getting near the time I expect (hope!) my hours will get approved, I recalled one of the things I’d seen other therapists mention as an indicator that things are progressing.

When I mailed in my application, I mailed with it a $200 check. When it shows that the check is cashed, I thought that meant the hours would be approved shortly thereafter. My check has not been cashed. I went back to the group pages on Facebook to confirm this recollection, and what I found worried me. Other people were saying that their checks were cashed 5-6 weeks after the application was sent, regardless of when their hours were approved. They explained that the application and the check go to separate departments, so it’s really unrelated. Well, at this point I’m thinking that I submitted my application and check mid-November, meaning that its been more like 10-11 weeks!

Last night my daughter had one of those nights where she wakes up screaming every few hours. After one of those incidents, I couldn’t fall back to sleep, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with worry. My application should have been reviewed by now. Last week they said they were reviewing applications received between November 9 and November 17, and I got an email from FedEx confirming my package was delivered on the 17. They were probably going to say they’re reviewing applications for the week after the week mine was delivered today.

What if something went wrong? What if my application got lost?? I DIDN’T MAKE COPIES. Why didn’t I make copies? I’m such a fucking idiot. Once it left my possession, anything could happen. All of those signatures, gone forever. I would have to start over! I’ll be a grunt, earning $20,000 per year with my master’s degree, for ANOTHER four years!! My husband will surely divorce me. He’s barely holding onto his sanity as it is.

Today I woke up and went to a website where I remember hearing you can see the status of your application. What I discovered was bad news and good news. The bad news is, while my package was supposedly delivered on November 17, apparently it didn’t get to the place that counts until December 9. Can you believe that shit? I mailed it from Long Beach, California on November 12 and it somehow took nearly A MONTH to make it to Sacramento. Okay…

But the good news is that it’s not lost! Oh, thank you, Jesus. I was so scared. My life started flashing before my eyes.

I still don’t know why my check hasn’t been cashed, but as long as they have my application that’s all I care about. Worst case scenario, they contact me and say they need a new check. I can do that.

It will still probably be another three weeks before I hear anything, though, since everything is three weeks behind what I thought it was. This shouldn’t really make much of a difference to me, assuming that when my hours are reviewed, they’re approved. I won’t be ready to take the licensing exam until May anyway.

So that’s the update on that. Until next time <3

Last updated February 10, 2021

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