Endless Preparations in Staying Connected

  • Feb. 8, 2021, 5:44 p.m.
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Mission Prepare Condo For Baby Morgan is now in full swing. Yesterday we rearranged all the furniture in our bedroom to make space for a crib. First we pulled out a black foot bench, dresser, IKEA cabinet, and a/c from one side of the room and swept up the nasty crap that was accumulated on the floor. From there we rotated our bed and slid it across the room to that wall. The IKEA cabinet will remain on the same side of the room, at the foot of the bed. The a/c went to the opposite side of our bedroom window. Finally, the black foot bench and dresser are temporarily being stored where the bed originally was, where the crib will eventually go. Neither of those pieces of furniture made the final cut.

This morning my daughter and I went to Target and I got two medium sized Tupperware containers that will fit in our outdoor storage. Then I came home and determined that the 5’ faux Christmas tree we’ve been storing in our outdoor storage as well as the queen-sized blow-up air mattress can both be donated to a local thrift store. If we had a bigger home, we could keep ALL this stuff—the black foot bench, dresser, faux tree, and blow-up air mattress—but none of them are necessities right now, so away they will go. I took the holiday décor out of the brown storage cabinet in our bedroom and moved it into a Tupperware container to go in the outdoor storage, and then I moved all my books off my dresser and into the brown storage cabinet.

We already got the nightstand (AKA mini dresser) my parents ordered for Morgan, and I already filled it with clothes and swaddles. I’m currently waiting for a few more things to arrive in the mail: crib, wooden name sign, apple blanket, and apple beanie. Once those things arrive and we have a chance to assemble the crib, I’ll most likely order the crib mattress and sheets. And maybe an apple swaddle. Morgan already has, like, five hand-me-down swaddles, but I’d like to get her at least one apple one.

What’s next? Well, next is unloading the black foot bench and dresser. I think the contents of the black foot bench are going to go into the second Tupperware container and into the outdoor storage. Then that leaves the dresser, which is halfway filled with my stuff and halfway filled with my husband’s stuff. I told my husband that I plan on cleaning out the IKEA cabinet, so he can move his stuff into that. The IKEA cabinet is currently home to miscellaneous medications and lotions—things like hydrogen peroxide and aloe vera—that I “could use someday.” My guess is that about 50% of that stuff is just going to go in the trash, and the other 50% I’ll have to strategically find space for in the bathrooms and in our one hallway closet. As for my stuff? I’m going to reorganize my closet and see if I can make enough space to rehome the contents of the dresser. It’s mainly socks, underwear, and bras, but I own a ridiculous amount of that stuff, and it’s all so high quality and in such good condition… I just can’t stand to get rid of it.

It doesn’t end there, folks. Another big goal of mine is to clean off our back patio to make it useable again. Last summer we had some bad fires in California, and a layer of ash landed on our patio. Since then, we haven’t wanted to go outside. My daughter’s water table is growing a whole universe of green shit. That should be fun to take care of. Also, all of the furniture needs to be hosed down, the table needs to be wiped clean, and the floor needs a thorough sweeping at least. Oh, and the bamboo that I was so excited for my husband to install? It got ripped to pieces in a wind storm, so it all needs to be removed and disposed of. It’s a big job, and one that I don’t expect to get done in a single day. Once all of that is complete, I want to put my daughter’s basketball hoop out there as well to make more room in the living room.

Once all of that is done, we have to rearrange the furniture in my daughter’s bedroom and the living room. Our glider is currently in her room, and we’re going to need that for baby Morgan, so I’m going to move it into the living room and then move my daughter’s play kitchen into her bedroom. My daughter uses the glider as a “timeout” chair, so I’m going to have to buy her a new timeout chair. I’m thinking of getting a toddler-sized rocking chair that matches the color scheme of her bedroom—in this case, white. Then I also want to take the toddler table that my father-in-law made for her and paint it white and move it into her bedroom. Because it currently has stain on it, that’s another big project. I’m not 100% sure yet how I’m going to fit the play kitchen and toddler table in her room, but I’m sure there’s a way.

THEN, the final step in preparation for baby Morgan is going to be pulling all the stuff we’ve been storing for the past two years out of my daughter’s closet. There’s a swing in there, a lounger, a tummy time mat, and her hand-me-down carseat (please, God, don’t let it be expired). It’ll be nice to see what her closet looks like not stacked up to the ceiling.

I’m starting to get excited about my hair. It’s ALMOST long enough to get in a ponytail, which is going to change my life. Once I can do that, I want to splurge a little. I plan on getting some caramel colored highlights and side bangs. Then, once I get that confidence boost, I think we’ll be ready to take our professional maternity-family photos.

Finally, the last thing I’ll mention in this entry is that I’m starting to get really nervous and excited about my hours getting approved. They’re supposed to be reviewed in less than a week, and so much is hanging in the balance. I just really need this to go well. Please, send all the positive vibes you can <3

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