Pounding it in Day to Day

  • Feb. 8, 2021, 12:17 p.m.
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I’ve been slamming caffeine this morning, and in an hour and a half I’ve cleaned all the litterboxes, taken out the trash, cleaned the kittens’ room and spent time with them, refilled all the bird and squirrel feeders, moved our borrowed truck into the driveway, and collected and started laundry going. I love caffeine. It makes me go. I still need to do a ton of dishes (mostly washing new plastic storagr containers,) work on schoolwork, and do some basic cleaning. I should clean out my car for when Thomas takes it to work…

I’ve been considering swapping cars with him. He drives more, he should have the nicer car, but UGH the miles. 500 miles a freakin’ week. (He works IN TOWN, 50 miles one-way.) My poor car doesn’t even have 5k on it. 😭 Maybe we can make it a weekly swap. It’ll give his poor Kia a break, at least. It’s paid off and we want it to last a while before adding another car payment back into the budget. I have to remember not to buy another new freakin’ car… You never get the 0% interest. They always negotiate for rebates and shit, and you end up paying more AND getting an interest I could have gotten on a nice used car. Pbbbt.

On the Great Patio Fiasco of 2019 (cuz that’s how long shit has been going on,) my contractor has taken down his FB business page and not even viewing my FB messages. I tried calling, of course no answer and couldn’t leave a message, so I tried texting him very gently to ask him to call me. I assume some shit has gone down regarding his business and I’m to the point that I figure suing him to make him finish it or pay for repairs is going to be ultimately pointless. Guess I know what my tax return and stimulus payments (if we get any) will be going to. 😩 Guess I’m glad we have the stability to even entertain the idea.

ARGH. Anyway. Ending on a happy note, the kittens are doing great, all bouncy and playful and sweet. Love these little guys!


ConnieK February 08, 2021

If you swap cars, YOUR car will end up taking the wear and tear. I'd still report the contractor to your Better Business Bureau.

TX Tornado ConnieK ⋅ February 08, 2021

Yeeeeah, but I guarantee if it was me driving that far, I'd be a princess and insist on having the new car to drive. 😂

Lucretia February 08, 2021

I think you need to do something about the contractor. If they're not answering then I think legal pressure is the only way to go. Totally sucks x

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ February 08, 2021

Yeah, I've been trying to avoid it because I know him, but UGH.

Jinn February 08, 2021

Good news about the kittens 🐈‍⬛!
Ugh about the contractor !

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