Just Dance Unlimited is missing some things... in The Real Pretend Mulling

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I am really upset that “What You Waiting For,” “Gonna Make You Sweat,” and “Pump Up the Jams” aren’t in Unlimited. I mean, I’m sure it’s due to licensing issues, and Ubisoft is working them out, but still. They were great for working up a sweat. Not that later games and Unlimited don’t have some really good/hard songs, but those are classics.

Plus, JD2020 gave us this acid trip:

And if I said this song was a bitch and a half, I’d be lying. It’s like 20,000 Karens and a bitch.

Anywho. Some songs I’d like to see in future JD games:

“Harder Better Faster Stronger,” “Around the World,” and “One More Time” - Daft Punk (and they need to bring back “Da Funk”)

“Deceptacon” - Le Tigre

“The Locomotion” - either Little Eva or Kylie Minogue

“Lady Marmelade” - either Patti LaBelle or (my personal preference) Christina/Pink/Mya/Lil’ Kim version

“Hollaback Girl” - Gwen Stefani

“Milkshake” - Kelis

“She-Wolf” - Shakira

“Galvanize” - The Chemical Brothers

“In da Club” - 50 Cent

“Yeah!” - Usher

“Family Affair” - Mary J. Blige

“Feel Good Inc.” - Gorillaz

“Everyday is Halloween” - Ministry

“Poker Face” and “Judas” - Lady Gaga

“People are People” and “Master and Servant” - Depeche Mode (if they can have “Without Me” and “Circus,” I see no reason they can’t have “Master and Servant”)

“Unbelievable” - EMF

“Bye Bye Bye” - NSYNC

“Larger Than Life” - Backstreet Boys

The Mortal Kombat theme

“Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves” - Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox

“Blitzkrieg Bop” - The Ramones

“Zoot Suit Riot” - Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (gross name, tho)

“Blue Monday” - New Order (only because I know the ESRB will clutch their pearls over an artist named Orgy)

“When Doves Cry,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” “1999,” “Kiss,” and “Raspberry Beret” - Prince

“Love Runs Out” - OneRepublic

“Nas Ne Dagoniat” - tatu

“Heads Will Roll” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Hey kids! You want some nightmare fuel? Here’s the original version of “Tightrope” from JD3:

Okay, so as I understand it: The coaches are real people, and they’re painted white before their choreo is filmed, so that they have a high contrast to the backgrounds. This makes it easier for players to see and follow. All fine and good… But who the actual fuck decided to make her eyes and lips purple while not outlining her nose?! She looks like she’s dead.

And the way her face glitches… Well, I ain’t sleeping tonight.

The coach in “Price Tag” by Jessie J has a similar problem. Come to think of it, I can only remember playing these songs once. The faces are probably why. That is some Jeff the Killer shit, right there.

Funny, though; the coach from “Maneater” in JD4 has really emphasized eyes and lips, too, and I find her incredibly attractive. What say you? Better animations, or better color scheme? Or just an absence of glitches?

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Krud February 10, 2021

So, "Just Dance Nearly But Not Quite Unlimited."

Pretend Mulling Krud ⋅ February 10, 2021

Yeah. Like I said, I'm sure there are licensing and legal issues going on behind the scenes, but it's a bummer. On a personal level, it means my 90s Cardio list will never be complete, which is a tragedy to rival the sacking of Rome /s.

Pretend Mulling Krud ⋅ February 10, 2021

I suppose one of the reasons so many of the songs from the earlier games are missing is so they can get new/harder choreography. A lot of the ones from 1 that are on Unlimited ("Hot 'n' Cold," "Mashed Potato," "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and "Heart of Glass" in particular) are so easy that, if you're relatively good at the later games, you can play the entire first game without getting winded or breaking a sweat. Which makes them excellent "break" songs, between ones like "Infernal Galop" (seriously, who did that and what drugs were they taking?!), on balance.

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