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  • Feb. 7, 2021, 5:06 a.m.
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That’s a zero waste fail. I broke down all the boxes from amazon and the other shops I’ve ordered from over the last few months and slid them into one of the big boxes. The other big box I slid the guitar box into. And there are two big black trash bags containing the bubble wrap. Ridiculous.

There is a container for cardboard and a dumpster for the plastic. But they are over on the other side of the park and I don’t want to schlep all that over there on foot. I’ll just set the bags out with the trash on Monday and the cardboard out with the recycling on Thursday. I think the trash haulers are just hauling it all to the landfill anyway. It is what it is.

Daughter received her package today. She called me and opened it. She was surprised and pleased. Now she has a real nice twenty-degree goose-down sleeping bag from Kelty. I got a good deal on it from Backcountry. Now she has a brand new backpack and sleeping bag and I sent her home from here with my old solo tent. All that should give her a good start.

I’ll be glad when my chance to get Starlink arrives. The internet always slows down to almost unusable here in the wintertime. I think it is a bandwidth problem. But there are no affordable alternatives.

Yeah, 0.48Mbps download right now. Total shit!

I tuned the new guitar today. It sounds really nice. I haven’t had an acoustic guitar since I was in highschool. Now I have an acoustic and an electric.

It looks like another $1400 may be on the way. I’ll need to think of something else I’ve always wanted but could never afford or could never prioritize purchasing.

Oswego February 07, 2021

Acoustic guitar s right up there with my favorite types of music. Pandora has several channels devoted just to that.

Jinn February 08, 2021

I still have my old acoustic guitar from highschool :-) I need to drag that baby out and see if it still can be tuned :-)

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