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  • Feb. 5, 2021, 11:52 p.m.
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My Sweetwater order arrived this afternoon. The FedEx driver looked like he wasn’t old enough to drive. Seriously.

Two huge boxes. First one had the hard-case for the guitar. I don’t remember what the original price was but I got it for $79.99. I’ve seen hard-cases before but this thing is built like a beast. And heavy. Velvet and padded interior. Four latches, one with a lock.

The second box contained another box with my new Yamaha FG-800 Dreadnaught- Natural. This guitar was also on sale for $199.99.

The guitar fit in the case like a glove. A perfect fit with no wriggle room.

I’ll let the guitar acclimate for a day or two and then I’ll tune it.

Now I’m thinking about ordering a hard-case for the Fender electric guitar.

The life insurance guy called today and said the check should be here within ten days. We still haven’t heard anything from the annuity people.

Jinn February 06, 2021

Enjoy !

Emily February 06, 2021

Fun :)

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