Tear it up in Day to Day

  • Feb. 6, 2021, 5:34 a.m.
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Cranked out my English essay while Nathan napped this afternoon. It was maybe a little heavy on the ‘politicians are shit’ aspect, but whatever. I’m alright with it.

Random thing I managed to do today: gave someone $20 to haul away Nathan’s old mattress and posted his bed frame for free, so hopefully I’ll have both of those out of my garage by the end of the weekend. I have someone saying they’ll come by tomorrow morning, so yeah, fingers crossed.

Kittens are doing awesome! All 5 were officially at the food bowl today and they’re starting to use the litterbox really well. Chich, my MIL’s fave, is a huuuge cuddlebug. I can’t keep him out of my lap! He’s such a doll. ❤❤❤ We aren’t weighing them tonight, as they were all full-bellied and climbing into their shark bed for a snooze. We weighed Chalupa and Chimichanga yesterday after they ate, and they were 15-20 grams up. Sweet fluffy homicidal muffins!

Thomas is getting on my damn nerves this evening. He insisted on doing the taxes tonight, after I said hey, how about not tonight? And of course he got bitchy and it pissed me off. Stack that with Nathan being a cranky pain in the ass all day and I’m officially over these damn people. ARGH.

I need alcohol… 😵


Jinn February 06, 2021

Lol. Husbands rarely pick good moments.

TX Tornado Jinn ⋅ February 06, 2021

For. Real.

Jinn TX Tornado ⋅ February 06, 2021

Mine would not know a good moment even if he was sent an alert :-)

Lucretia February 06, 2021

You definitely need booze!

"Sweet fluffy homicidal muffin" is the best description of a cat EVER.

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