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  • Feb. 4, 2021, 6:41 p.m.
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Well, at least for now. My last order arrived today. The Mueller stainless steel double-walled French press and the Bretani manual coffee grinder. They are both quality made, like works of art. The Bretani came with a velvet storage bag and wooden handled cleaning brush. The Mueller French press is all double walled without a seam showing or any blemishes. The Mueller is too heavy for backpacking but will be perfect for base camp. I poured three brim full cups of water from my 12oz. coffee cup into it and it was perfect. Now, if it keeps the second and third cups hot enough until poured it will be all I need. No need for a Thermos or Hydro Flask. The coffee grinder only holds three tablespoons of coffee beans though. I thought that would be the case. I’ll just have to grind two batches of two scoops each. There is an adjustment for coarseness. Course for French press and a little finer for pour over and finer still for the coffee maker.

My Sweetwater order should be delivered tomorrow. It arrived in the city this afternoon.

It was sunny but only seventy-two degrees today.

woman in the moon February 04, 2021

I wish I liked coffee. I wish I wasn't too lazy for the rituals of coffee.

Jinn February 05, 2021

I bought an electric teakettle for tea . I am surprised how much I am enjoying using it :-)

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