dishonesty is the second best policy in Captured thoughts

  • Feb. 4, 2021, 7:41 a.m.
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I recently learned that there is no ‘c’ in the Icelandic language, which means I could never say my favourite swear word.

The sound of laughter drifted up from the street below, making me feel very alone in this new town. Starting a new page in my note book or a new month on my calendar is like moving into a new house in a new town. Maybe it will be like taking on a new lover, one with different smells and moves and interesting attributes, assets and idiosyncrasies. Maybe it will be a long slow slog in a plastic trench fighting against bands of marauding swine, greased up and hungry.

She was carried along with the crowd, like a bushman on his first trip to Nairobi.

Stating the obvious is always funny. Day 25. The days are clearly getting longer. The sun still drops behind the trees but the sky remains the colour of cars left in the underground parking lot for months at a time.

Millennials don’t need cars because they are not going anywhere. Not true. They saved and rented for years and now they are buying million dollar starter homes taking advantage of historically low interest mortgage rates.

Mandarin uses the same word for both borrow and lend. That actually makes sense. Mortgage is made up of mort - french for death and gage - archaic form of gauge.

The root of all problems can be traced back to either sex or money. Sex is primal. Food, sleep, health…are all subsets of sex. Money is esoteric. Math used to be considered a philosophy.

I used to really be good at transactional analysis. Now I’m just OK. Most years I review The Sandler Rules so I don’t get victimized on the road to Damascus.

Let’s not monetize sex.
Let’s not sexualize money.

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