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  • Feb. 3, 2021, 3:52 p.m.
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Day 26. Feb 3. Yep, we are getting there.
A quick scan of the front page of PB reveals that the topics of today are family and relationships, money and work, health, daily drama, school, food, covid and the vaccine. I suppose that’s enough. It’s nice that there isn’t any politics in the news lately, and when I say politics, I really mean Trump and America related news. We are all so tired of all that.

I read the first 50 words of 25 diarist. That’s it. I don’t click on the titles. 25 words is enough to see that people are feeling tired and lonely, isolated and worried, organized, a few are happy and content with little things that have happened to them, one has a sense of accomplishment for completing a task. Maybe just another normal morning here on PB. I don’t know. I really come here to write things down, to start my day with a 300-word task fo seeing what comes out.

I’ve been coming to PB everyday since the end of December when I started my countdown to March 1. It was the same day that I started my countdown notebook, a place where I scribble my thoughts and actions. I used to use blank paper or little notepads that come in the mail from real estate agents to do this, but the notebook is better. It’s nice having a permanent record of what I’m doing to get thorough the toughest part of the winter and an extended lockdown - I’ve not left the house since Christmas.


I remember one night when I was in Australia that we were at a small party of about 20 people that got interrupted with a game of tennis on TV, Wimbledon I suppose. I’ve never been interested in TV or tennis so I thought it was really weird for a party to turn into a TV sports watching event.

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