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  • Feb. 2, 2021, 12:43 p.m.
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Shit goes right. Yasss.

Heard back from my VA liaison about my benefits, and he said they can be certified as a ‘rounding out’ semester and that they would contact my certifier.

Talked to someone regarding spay and neuter and was approved for half-price for all 3 at my brother’s house, so it’ll only be $130 for everything for them. It’s a huge help. Just gotta schedule them.

I picked up seed trays, seeds, and dirt to start my seedlings. It’s Imbolc, so, a very appropriate day to do it. My garden frame gets in this week. I cannot for the life of me find my zipties, and I kinda need one to fix something and it might make me crazy.

My kid is all hyped up about painting something. Ugh. Save me. I’m gonna go dig something.


Justlovely February 02, 2021

Sweet! I love good news!

Jinn February 03, 2021

Digging is therapeutic :-)

Lucretia February 03, 2021

$130 that's great!

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ February 03, 2021

For 3? Heck yes. Lol.

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