Sunday Afternoon... in And So It Goes....

  • Jan. 31, 2021, 2:19 p.m.
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My wake up time was 8am. I went through my morning routine of housework and self-care, having to take several much-needed breaks. I had a meal of roasted pork, sweet peas and wild rice. I watched one of my favorite movies, “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. After that, I installed new My c-pap equipment and lined up everything I need for tomorrow morning. My case manager is picking me up at 9am for my appt. w/ the podiatrist and covid testing. After I did everything else, I went down to get a Sunday paper out of the building’s paper box. The Sunday paper costs $2.50 Some people think that the cost of that day’s paper is somewhat pricey. The daily paper is $1.00 I have been having some mild discomfort in the area of my left hip. I applied Arthritis Hot twice, and also took a 500mg. Tylenol caplet.
I am more of a writer than a reader. I do apologize for that. It is not that I am not interested in the goings on of other diarists. I just don’t like to read much, except for newspapers, magazines, poetry and biographies. I am going to try to do better, b/c I have a lot of good friends on this site.
My home health aide (my daughter), starts on Tuesday. I will take all of the help I can get.
I cut the puzzles out of the Sunday paper, and put them under the apt. door of my elderly friend. She loves to work puzzles. I wrote a note of encouragement to a friend in the bldg. whom is working on her college degree. I wrote a thank you note to someone whom left three boxes of microwave popcorn by my door.
I need to go call Bear. Have a great week, everyone. :)

tracker2020 January 31, 2021

I am starting to just write random memories from my life. It's probably boring for people to read. lol

chocolatechip tracker2020 ⋅ January 31, 2021

It sounds interesting.

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